" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop


My Name is Alexander Dunlop


I believe in the evolutionary potential of human consciousness, that we can up-level our awareness to consciously activate miraculous lives.

With that intention, I help people transcend illusions, confusion, and self-limiting beliefs so as to unveil their full potential and shine forth their true radiance.

The way I do that is by enlightening people with what’s written for them in the Book of Life.


The Global Center of Spiritual Nutrition

I am a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street Consultant. I searched everywhere to find the meaning of my life. Now, I help people up-level their lives to blossom into their full self-expression.

Once upon a time, before my Wall Street days, I was preparing to be a Roman Catholic Priest.  After my corporate life, I traveled to India, lived in Ashrams meditating 8 hours a day, and was initiated as a Swami. I am also a successful entrepreneur. You can read more about my life journey on my bio page.

And yet, with all my varied life-training, the deck of playing cards – the Book of Life – is the most accurate and helpful spiritual tool I have ever found.  Once I discovered it for myself, I wanted to share it with everyone.

I founded The Center of Spiritual Nutrition because I want to offer people a juicier life.  In my opinion, what we most lack is the right nourishment for our lives.  Like a flower needs sunlight and water to grow, we need spiritual nutrition to be happy, successful and peaceful in life.

And this “spiritual nutrition” that we need comes in the form of soul nourishment — knowing our reason for being, who we are, and why we’re here.

But, unfortunately, we suffer from a malaise of spiritual malnourishment in our Western world. It is, in fact, epidemic, to the point that we take the symptoms of spiritual malnutrition for granted!  Many people suffer acutely from these symptoms of spiritual malnourishment and consider it normal!

For, when we don’t know who we are and why we’re here on this planet, then we suffer the symptoms of self-confusion, self-doubt, self-judgment, stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, sleeplessness, hopelessness, cynicism, and self-medication in all its various forms…  these are symptoms of spiritual malnutrition.

But, what if there was a spiritual toolkit that could give us all the spiritual nutrition we need?  And, what if that spiritual toolkit has been hiding in plain sight all these years?


Mastering The Game of Life

We can get the spiritual nutrition we need from the Ancient Book of Life – hidden in plain sight as a deck of playing cards.

Once we know how to read it, as it was intended, we can clarify our life’s purpose, name our fears, activate our gifts, and master our life lessons. I’ve seen it from first-hand experience and from the many people I have coached to “play their cards right.”

Based purely on mathematics, we each have 13 “cards to play” for life. When we “play these cards” right, magic happens!  We are connected to the meaning of our life. Life feels magical and full and blessed. Doors open for us.  Synchronicity happens.

In other words, when we “play our cards right,” we master the game of our life!  That is to say, when we live based on the Book of our Life, we live our true purpose with joy.  We have relationships that satisfy and nurture us.  And, we create the material abundance that is our birthright. 

We can get the spiritual nutrition we need to master the game of life.  It looks something like this:




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