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Queen of Diamonds ruled by the 3 of Clubs

Queen of Diamonds CartomancyWhat in your life needs nurturing and support today?  Where must you give your attention?  Perhaps something is in need of repair, something of value.  There may be a woman in particular who you must support, especially if you want your business to flourish.

Today is a great day to give your career and your financial status a face-lift.  With attention and care you might set a new foundation of success.

Alternatively, be aware of your own vanity.  Beware that concern for appearance doesn’t derail your best intentions.

And be aware of making large purchases today.  Make sure that you are buying only what you absolutely need.

To play the best game of your life today, direct your mother hen energies (even if you’re a man) to nurture and support what you most value in the world.  Give generously to those you love.

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