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Jack of Diamonds ruled by the 4 of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds cartomancyWhere can you inject a healthy dose of creativity into your life?  How would playfulness serve your financial abundance?  Today you have an opportunity to re-create the possibilities of your physical world.

The Jack is the symbol of one who has all the power and no responsibility.  He or she lives in the castle with all the royal privileges, but none of the duties of the King or the Queen.

How would such a figure choose to use his or her time?  With no responsibilities, the only choice in life is to play.  But what kind of games?  Games of deceit?  Or games of empowerment?

How will you choose to use this energy today?

Be aware of falling into dishonest scheming or attracting such dishonesty into your own field.  You may find that sales people are prominent in your day today.

You may also find that younger men are prominent in your day today.

Either way, you have the power to create the life you want.

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