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10 of Diamonds ruled by the Ace of Hearts

10 of Diamonds CartomancyAbundance flows today.  You may find yourself feeling like all eyes are on you!  Life flows in your direction today.  How do you feel about receiving?  Are you ready to open your life to hold all the blessings?

The 10 in Diamonds is the most blessed card of the deck.  It signifies abundance of material wealth and standing in the spotlight of your life.

Ironically, however, many of us don’t like to be in the spotlight.  We brush away compliments.  We would rather give, than receive.  It’s a form of control as much as it is self-denial.  To receive a gift is to surrender and open to the blessing.

In Gift-Giving Tribal societies, power is measured by the one who gives the biggest gift.  So, do refuse to receive a gift is a way of refusing to allow someone’s power to grow.

In other words, if we refuse a compliment it disempowers the person who was giving the compliment to us.  And, if we refuse to receive a blessing that life has for us, then we are disallowing the power of life.

Surrender to your blessings.  Receive compliments, and your life will shine.

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