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9 of Diamonds ruled by the 2 of Clubs

9 in Diamonds CartomancyThe completion of an important chapter in your life.  What are you ready to let go of?  Who do you get to be when you let go?  What opens for you?  What is possible?

The 9 in Diamonds is all about finishing something in your life, something tangible, something you value.  It could be a valued relationship or a valued perspective.  It could be a job change or a life change.

Something has finished its service to you and is ready to retire.  What have you been holding on to that is no longer serving you?

Given that today’s ruling card is the 2 in Clubs, it probably means a way of communicating is outdated.  You are ready for an upgrade in your communication style.

Beware of taking a defensive, victim stance and either complaining or attempting to control others. What ends today may rock your world and make you feel victimized, hurt, wounded or betrayed.

Know this:  you are NOT getting the short end of the stick.  You are getting exactly what you need to grow.  You may perceive that the ending in your life is tragic, but that’s only because you are attached to a bad habit like, well, a bad habit.

Today you get to let go of old habits.  How extraordinary!  How uplifting.  How liberating!  Clean out the closet and celebrate your new freedom!

If only we see it that way, then it is so.

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