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8 of Diamonds ruled by the 3 of Hearts

8 of Diamonds cartomancyYou’re so f*cking money and you don’t even know it!  Today the flow of life is upon us, within us and around us.  Everything harmonizes perfectly into a powerful current.  Or, you get your cables twisted up inside and you repeatedly electrocute yourself…

The 8 in Diamonds is about powerful flow of the physical world.  That can mean money flows today.  That can mean a big project happens effortlessly.  Things that you want come into a graceful flow in your life.

Beware, however, of getting tangled in knots.  If you are not comfortable with power, then you may get scared by the synchronicity of life.  The flowing current may seem too swift for you and you try to block it up.  But you ain’t no beaver.

And blocking the flow of life only distorts and twists the current until you short-circuit yourself.  Breathe.  Trust the flow as it is and as it comes.

Not to mention that your heart is wide open today.  A great day for sex.

And on that note, enjoy the day everyone!

with love,




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