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5 of Diamonds ruled by the Jack of Clubs

5 of Diamonds cartomancyChanging circumstances… but don’t let your mind get lost in a fantasy about what it all means.  Things will shift in your life.  Stay grounded in your self.  Stay in self-love and self-care.

The 5 in Diamonds signifies a change in the physical state.  This could mean a change in your financial situation.  Whether the change means more money or less money is irrelevant.

The important thing today is to take the change in stride.  Life is always changing.  The impermanence of life is on display today.  What seemed solid is really a shifting tide of energy.

The tide goes in and the tide goes out.  Such is the motion of life.  Don’t get lost in your head about what it all means.  It doesn’t mean you are a failure or a success.  It means only that all things change in this field of energy we call life.

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