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4 of Diamonds ruled by the 8 of Hearts

4 of Diamonds CartomancySolid foundation is the theme of the day.  Expect the things of your life to settle into place, including finances.  Building that foundation, however, can be hard work.  It may seem exhausting to guard what’s important to you.

The 4 in Diamonds is the heiroglyph of structure in the physical world.  The number 4 is associated to foundation, like the 4 pillars of the earth or the 4 sides of a square.

With this energy at play today, expect to build a foundation.  Expect order to be created in your life.  Just be aware not to get caught in a box, or stuck in a rut.

Be aware also of stubbornly refusing to yield.  Refusing to compromise is not the same as guarding the truth.  And, if you know about how buildings are built to withstand earthquakes, then you know that they are designed with an inbuilt ability to sway as the earth moves.

The ability to move as the crust of the earth moves actually gives buildings a stronger foundation.  They are more stable and solid because they can sway.

How can you build a strong foundation in your life that has an innate ability to move as life moves?

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