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3 of Diamonds ruled by the 7 of Hearts

3 of Diamonds cartomancyFinancial creativity or financial anxiety.  Both may arise under the influence of this symbol.  How do you choose to play the flow of physical energy?  Money is a symbol of the physical world.

I recall a story that Tony Robbins tells about meeting Bruce Springsteen.  He asked the Boss how it was for him to perform in front of large audiences, and if he ever got tired of it.

The Boss replied that whenever he was back stage before the show and heard the roar of the audience, he felt a tingling through his whole body going down to his hands.  And he said, then I know I’m ready!

In contrast, Tony tells a story about another performer who was having stage fright and panic attacks.  Tony asked this performer to describe it.  She said, well when I’m back stage before the show and I hear the roar of the audience, I feel a tingling through my whole body going down to my hands, and then I know I’m having a panic attack.

How do you play the energy that flows through you?  What name do you give it?  Do you name it as anxiety or creativity?  That makes all the difference.

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