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07.03.2012 Spiritual Coaching

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Queen of Diamonds Day

Queen of Diamonds cartomancyGood business leadership abounds today.  The queen of the physical world is on her throne.  She likes to get all her things in order.  And she likes to look good doing it.

The Queen of Diamonds is the card of the feminine archetype of leadership.  She leads with nurturing grace.  She can be very fickle, however.  She gives to some and not to others.  She likes to exercise her own judgment.  And she often judges simply based on her own vanity.

Beware of trying too hard to look good today.  Beware of spending too much money on things you don’t really need.  You may find a strong desire to dress up nicely today, go out for a nice dinner, and otherwise enjoy the finer things of life.

As a spiritual life coach, I still am amazed at how these daily energies play out.  The Queen of Diamonds is the card of the day for everyone.  So, in one form or another, everyone is striving to look the royal best today.  And everyone is putting his or her attention, like a mother duckling, on nurturing the nest egg.

What does that mean for our interactions with other people and especially our intimate relationships?

It could mean that today we must all be careful not to get between a mother’s energy and the nest egg she wants to grow.  Don’t interfere with anyone’s business interests today.  Retribution will be swift.

It could also mean that you may end up having a lavish dinner and overspending on the bottle of wine you choose.  Everyone is dressed to impress today.  And everyone is trying to out-give the other.  So, be aware of your own status-seeking intentions.

To play your cards right, in the spiritual life coaching sense of the term, is to surrender to our own nurturing energy.  Give attention to your financial situation.  Manage your own business interests.

It could also mean that today you give service to those you care about.  Today, is a great day to do something nice for someone you love.  It can be as simple as writing them a thank you card.  It doesn’t have to be more lavish than that to still convey the nurturing truth you want to share.

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