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07.25.2012 Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

Play The Best Game of Your Life, Today


3 of Clubs Day

3 of Clubs cartomancyThe ideas come tumbling.  How will you channel all your great ideas into action?  How will avoid feeling overwhelmed by all that you are thinking?  Surrender to your own knowing.  Trust your ideas.

The 3 of Clubs signifies a flow of the mind.  This can be welcome or unwelcome.  Sometimes flowing mental activity is wonderful.  Sometimes too much of the mind is just way too much!

Today is the day for brainstorming great ideas.  Plan your big group think session today.  Take out your journal and put your thoughts to paper.  Just let it flow.  Don’t censor what comes.

As a spiritual life coach, I still am amazed at how these daily energies play out.  The 3 of Clubs is the card of the day for everyone.  So, in one form or another, everyone has a lot of ideas today.

What does that mean for our interactions with people and especially our intimate relationships?

Some people don’t trust their ideas.  Some people get way too inflated by their own sense of importance.  Any idea they have they may shout it out for all to hear and insist that their way is the right way.  Others have panic attacks when their mind heats up.  They just get scared.

To play your cards right, in the spiritual life coaching sense of the term, is to trust your mind today.  Let the mind drive your action.  The faucet of mental activity is turned on today.  Let it flow.  Get the ideas out.  Put them on paper.  Brainstorm.

Be aware of how sensitive you may be today.  It’s a good day to avoid watching any advertisements.  Your mind is more open and more easily seduced today than usual.  Stick with your own ideas.  You are tapped into the Source today.  Go with it.

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