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08.03.2012 Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

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10 of Diamonds Day

10 of Diamonds cartomancy A day of abundant blessings, if you want it.  It’s the open vessel that holds all the water.  In other words, it’s an open perspective that gives space for the abundance to fill our cups.

The 10 of Diamonds is the card of abundant material blessings.  However, it is likewise the card of abundant material blessings resisted.  How do you handle compliments, for example?  Are you open to receive them?  How to you treat other people in your life?  As blessings?  Or as nuisances?

As a spiritual life coach, I am amazed at how these daily energies play out.  The 10 of Diamonds is the card of the day for everyone.  So, in one form or another, everyone is tuning into their sense of wealth today.

What does that mean for our interactions with other people and especially our intimate relationships?

It could mean that today we must be aware that other people want to be in the center of attention.  Or, conversely, it may mean they resist the spotlight.  We may find this push-pull dynamic in our experiences today.

It could also mean that money comes easily to you today.  How is money or the opportunity to make money coming into your experience today?  How might you open yourself to receive more abundance in your life?  What posture could you take to prepare yourself for increased blessings?

To play your cards right, today, in the spiritual life coaching sense of the term, is to open your hands to receive.  Receive all good compliments.  Receive all kindnesses or little nice things that people may offer you.  And, open your physical posture.  Roll your shoulders back and open your rib cage so that your heart has more space to be.

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