" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

The Book

The Book

From spontaneous spiritual experiences starting at age 17, I have invested my entire adult life to understand what this all means.

I have searched through every experience and every spiritual teacher I could find… And, then I was compelled to write down what I learned.  What came out of me over a 5-year period is unlike anything else you’ve ever read.  These are ecstatic words of life with full-color accompanying images.

Now for the first time, I’m making my book 123 iB freely available to anyone who is curious enough to know. Simply tell me who you are and where you would like me to send it to, and I will get you started on my book for FREE.


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Reviews of 123 IB

123 IB is a prophetic dark ‘n dirty playful dance through everything of life: parties, potties, politics, religion, night life, low life, high life and love life. If Allen Ginsburg started the beat-revolution with his inspired poetic ravings, what revolution will come from these choreographed rants and raves? 123 IB re-interprets and re-mixes all the Big questions… and like a skilled DJ, Alexander programs his musically-inspired book with rising crescendos, melodic interludes and mind-popping beats.

“Alexander’s words are like little butterflies that carry huge anvils.”  ~ Rohan Dewar


 123 IB


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