" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

The Center

The Center for Spiritual Nutrition

Make no mistake. This is a radical departure. We are moving out into the unknown. It is the journey of the hero and the heroine.

Our journey is to create a new place of nourishment for ourselves, a new land flowing with milk and honey.

We do so with the firm conviction that the Life in which we find ourselves exists to support our needs. And what we need is real spiritual nutrition.

So, if we are lacking in real spiritual nourishment for our entire being, mentally, emotionally and physically, we have only to seek in order to find.

But if we do not seek, then we can not expect to find.

The Center for Spiritual Nutrition is the courageous attempt to offer real nourishment for real people. This nourishment can come in a variety of forms as each person has a unique vibration with unique support requirements.

In metaphor, it is my hope that The Center for Spiritual Nutrition may be like a cosmic gas station where we can refill our tanks for the ongoing journey.

Another prophet, who foresaw the demise of traditional religions, said it like this:

“We Aeronauts of the Spirit! All those brave birds, which fly out into the distance, into the farthest distance—it is certain! somewhere or other they will be unable to go on and will perch down on a mast or a bare cliff-face—and they will even be thankful for this miserable accommodation!

But who could venture to infer from that, that there was not an immense open space before them, that they had flown as far as one could fly! All our great teachers and predecessors have at last come to a stop… it will be the same with you and I. Other birds will fly farther! This insight and faith of ours vies with them in flying up and away; it rises above our heads and above our impotence into the heights and from there surveys the distance and sees before it the flocks of birds which, far stronger than we, still strive whither we have striven, and where everything is sea, sea, sea!

And whither then would we go? Would we cross the sea? Whither does this mighty longing draw us, this longing that is worth more to us than any pleasure? Why just in this direction, thither where all the sons of humanity have hitherto gone down? Will it perhaps be said of us one day that we too, steering westward, hoped to reach an India—but that it was our fate to be wrecked against infinity? Or, my brothers. Or?” — Friedrich Nietzsche

It is my sincere hope that we can together create a new accommodation for ourselves. I propose the Center for Spiritual Nutrition as a conscious offering of that location. And I hope we can together, consciously, collectively create the meaning of this space-time location together.

The Center for Spiritual Nutrition as an embodied experiment is my contribution to re-create the matrix of our being so that we may prosper on the earthly plane. We can and we must re-create our ‘accommodation’ on this planet. Which means, we can and we must re-create the meaning of our lives.

I hope this is only the beginning.

With Love,
Alexander Hamilton Dunlop


Alexander Dunlop Spiritual Life Coach

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