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Calling All Prophets: Speak What You Know!

By my estimate, there are about 2,000,000 people living right now in the United States who have prophetic gifts. I’m calling all prophets to rise up and speak what you know.

Not too long ago in our evolutionary history, we lived in tribes. On average, each tribal grouping was no larger than 150 people. And each tribe had at least one medicine man or woman, one shaman, who’s job it was to be a mediator between subtle frequencies and physical frequencies, someone who had the job of a prophet.

And if you look up the word Prophet in a dictionary, it says that a Prophet is one who speaks on behalf of God. Another way to say it is that a prophet is one who speaks on behalf of subtle, creative vibrations, one who speaks on behalf of spirit and truth.

I’m using the word Prophet and word Shaman interchangeable here. I’m using the word to mean anyone who has the ability to tune into higher vibrations of reality and translate or transmit those vibrations into the physical plane. This ability is of critical survival importance for the tribe. In times past, it would have helped them to know how to grow and how to evolve, what to expect in the coming months and years so that they could prepare effectively and be tuned into what Life was bringing.

And, for this reason, the shaman or prophet or medicine man, was considered to be the most important person in the tribe, other than the chief.

We no longer have a place in our society for such people, people who are tuned into the current vibrations of life and can translate them for the benefit of all. We do have religious leaders, but these are only re-reading old books and looking for signs in texts written thousands of years ago. What we need as a social group are people who are reading the signs that are written NOW! Who are reading the text of Life, as it is being writing NOW!

But I know that these gifts and these people didn’t go away. We’ve simply suppressed these people and repressed these gifts. If there was one person per tribe who had these gifts and this prophetic role, and if we assume that a tribal grouping was about 150 people and there are 300 million people in the US today. That means that if we divide 3 million by 150 we get 2 million for the number of tribal groupings we could make out of 300 million people. And that means there are at least 2 million people alive today who have the gifts and the role to be shamans or prophets. These are people who could be currently working as any particular career, but who have the gifts and talents that are sorely needed by all of us in the collective tribe.

And if you would like help to recognize your gifts and talents as someone who can download higher vibrations and deliver them for the common good, please let me know and I can help you.

5 Comments on Calling All Prophets: Speak What You Know!

  1. Roberta Harvey

    Hi there

    Great page, I look forward to being in contact with you.

    Love & Light


  2. Alexander Dunlop

    Thank you Roberta. I look forward to connecting with you also.

  3. Janie

    9-1-1 Emergency ?

    I need a spiritual paramedic 🙁

  4. Aaron Dovyak

    Love, power, joy, passion, freedom reign. Kingdom come.

  5. Brittany Barcliff

    Thank you for your awesome work. After reading this, I felt a great sense of joy. I often get the inkling that I was placed here as a healer and a mediator between the physical and spiritual world to some extent. I am still exploring my power and I am still learning.
    Keep up the great writing, Alexander.

    Brittany Barcliff

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