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The Power of Daydreaming

The ability to imagine what you are wanting, rather than only observing what-is, is what takes you beyond. You are a physical being, but you are much more.

– Abraham
Channeled by Esther Hicks

The Power of Daydreaming

It’s amazing to me how much of what we commonly do is actually the most powerful thing we can really be doing, even though we have learned to discount the very things that we commonly do.  We have learned that we have to “strive” for something else or “achieve” some standard above ourselves.

But, in reality, we are already doing the very things that we must do.  As a parent watching my young children, this becomes readily apparent.  One example that comes to mind is when my 3 year old son is doing puzzles.  He loves doing puzzles.  And, I’ve noticed that over and over again, when he’s looking for the right piece for the puzzle, it’s already in his hand.  He will search and search around the pieces on the floor to find the missing piece.  But, he’s holding it in his hand the whole time he’s looking and so he never finds it.  But, he’s already got it!  In his hand!

When I was a little boy, I loved daydreaming.  But, daydreaming is not something that teachers or school ever encouraged.  I was taught all the right-brain functions of logic, reason and order.

Now, 25 years later, we have collectively become aware of the power of intention, the power of visualization, the power of our dreams to manifest reality.  And it occurs to me that I already was doing that as a little boy!  I already knew how to do it, innately.  But, I was taught to “strive” for something else that I didn’t have, to “achieve” something other than my own natural way.

What natural gifts do you have that have been repressed?  What natural talents are languishing in your shadows?  What did you love to do as a little child?  Remember.

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