" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop


Questions for Alexander


I want to work with you, but I’m not sure where to begin.

There are two really good options to get you started.  1.  Ask me your biggest life question and see if the answer is really helpful for you.  If it is, then it’s a good sign that I can help you further.

2.  Order The Opening Deal.  It’s a content-packed report and video series designed to show you who you are, why you’re here and what you’re meant to do with your life.

From there, I suggest that you come to see me for a Personal Wake-Up Call.  From this personal consultation we can choose the right path for you, whether to do a full Reading from the Book of Life or enroll you in our Life Coaching Program, or both or neither.

How do I book an appointment with you?

Simple.  You go to the Schedule Now tab at the top right and select the appointment you want.  If you are a first-time client and want the Personal Wake-Up Call, you select that option. Or, if you are coming to see me via another promotion, you select that option. The system will ask to put a hold on your credit card. Your card is not charged. It will only be charged if you miss your appointment without giving 24 hours notice.

I just read your Bio.  Did you really do all that?  How old are you?

Yes, I really did do all that. And much more, actually. On my bio page are just the highlights. I really and truly did search everywhere and do everything I could to find the meaning of my life. I was struck to the core with the phrase Carpe Diem while still in high school. And, I have always endeavored to seize the day, so as not to, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “come to the end of my life and realize I had not truly lived.” I was born in London, England on August 30th, 1973 at approximately 5 PM.

What do you mean by The Book of Life?

The ordinary deck of playing cards is none other than the ancient Book of Life. It’s been hidden in plain sight, which is of course the best place to hide anything. It’s a book without a binding, a book of numbers and symbols that represents a mathematical model of our lives on earth. In the Middle Ages, it was persecuted by the Church as “The Devil’s Picture Book.” But, in fact, it is none other than The Book of Life, the same Book of Life that is referenced more than 20 times in the Bible.

How are your readings from these playing cards, the Book of Life, different from Tarot Card readings?

The main difference is that the playing cards are a mathematical model. I am using mathematics to discern which are your 13 cards to play for life.

A Tarot reading is based on divination, where you shuffle and pull cards. A Tarot reading usually aims to be predictive of future outcomes. I do not predict the future with my readings. What I do is tell you the highest essence of who you are, what pattern you are playing out in this game of life.

The ordinary deck of playing cards reveals the mathematical matrix that we live in on this planet. By learning to find our place in this mathematical matrix, we find the exact coordinates of our life. We find out exactly what our purpose in life is. And, we can find out exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are.  This is what I offer in the readings I do.

I am not doing any shuffling and pulling of cards.  In fact, I use software to help me perform the mathematical algorithms to determine your “cards to play.” And, these are preset. They don’t change. But, we can find out what they are. And, we can always choose how we want to play them.

So, what are your “cards to play,” and what do they mean?

My primary game is indicated as the 9 of Hearts. And, my personality is indicated as the 7 of Clubs. The 9 of Hearts can mean emotional tragedy. It can mean endless wounding of the heart. And, this was certainly my experience growing up, not understanding why I felt everything so deeply.

The gift of the 9 of Hearts is to transcend personal limitations. The purpose of the 9 of Hearts is to help other people do the same. So, my purpose in life is to help other people transcend their own self-imposed limitations so they can step up and play big in their lives.

The 7 of Clubs means spiritual knowledge. Or, it can mean self-doubt and self-judgment. And, I certainly had plenty of that growing up too. The gift of the 7 of Clubs is a genius for making mental connections that no-one else sees. Hence, the purpose of the 7 of Clubs is to be a way-shower of knowledge.

It was when I found out the meaning of my cards that I found the meaning of my life. It was then that I set up a professional practice to play my own cards right. So, what I did was set up a practice that leverages the gift of the 9 of Hearts to help other people transcend personal limitations and play big in their lives.  And, the way I help people step up and play big is by sharing spiritual knowledge, the 7 of Clubs, that helps them to see something about themselves in a new light.

Pretty cool, right? By playing my own cards right, I help other people to do the same.  And that’s my professional practice.

In the Daily Activation emails you send out each day, where do those cards come from?

Every single day of the year is mathematically connected to a “card.”  Each “card” has a numeric value associated to it.  For instance, the 9 of Clubs has a numeric value of 22.  All of the “cards” have a number value from 1 – 52. Every day of the year adds up to a number value. When we put that number into a simple mathematical formula, it generates a number associated to one of the “cards.” That “card” is the main energy at play that day. And, the person born on that day has that “card” as their Birth Symbol for life.  The rest of us get to play that energy for a day. But, someone born on that day is playing that game for life, underlying all the other daily, monthly and yearly games of their life.

The personality “card” of each day is determined by which planetary influence is present that day. So, the mathematics of this ancient knowledge overlaps with astrology as well.  The astrological influence is what indicates the additional personality at play each day. It’s the energy that overlays on top of the primary energy at play each day.

In addition to the planetary “cards” of the day that are in play for everyone, however, we each have personal “cards to play.” So, separately from the planetary cards, there are also “cards” that are unique to you. You can check those via the widget on the right-hand side of the website.

So, everyone born on the same day has the same cards to play for life?  How can that be?

Yes, everyone born on the same day has the same identical 13 “cards to play” for life. How we “play our cards” though is entirely up to us. I’ve met twins, who are “playing the same cards,” and one of them is in jail and one of them is a holistic healer. Each “card” has two binary opposite energies, and many shades of grey in between. Whichever energy of the “card” you choose to activate with your own free will is the kind of life you will create for yourself.

You can’t change your “cards to play” but you can “play your cards right.” And, how you choose to “play your cards” will be greatly influenced by your DNA imprint, your family, your upbringing, your religion, your schooling etc. Ultimately, it’s our own beliefs that determine how we play our cards.

Do my “cards” ever change?

We have 13 “cards” for our whole life. Those don’t ever change in this lifetime. But, every year on our birthday, we have a new set of “13” cards to play just for this year. Our lifetime “cards” are still in play. But, we have specific challenges and opportunities presented to us each year of our life. And, of course, it’s game-changing to get clear on what those are so we can “play our cards right” each year.

We also pass through 7-year cycles and 13-year cycles. And, we have specific cycles of “cards to play” for these cycles of life. In these cycles of life, we can see the forces that shape our overall development. We can see what our strong suits are.  And, we can see what patterns of our childhood influenced who we have become as adults. People who do these 7-year cycle readings with me say that they got more from this one reading than from years of psychotherapy.

Where do these playing cards come from? And how old are they?

If you look on wikipedia, it says that the playing cards date back to ancient Egypt of China. From the research I’ve done and from talking to other scholars on the subject, it seems that the playing cards have been around for as long as we’ve had recorded history.

In other words, as soon as we have any recorded history, these cards are present in that historical record.  So, it stands to reason that they are older than any written history we have, which would place them at least as old as 3000 BC. It also makes them significantly older than the Bible.

There has been very little written about the real meaning of these “cards.” In fact, they were deliberately kept secret and passed down only as an oral tradition among a secret society called The Order of The Magi. If you are familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth in the Bible, then you know he was visited by three Magi, or three wise men.

The oldest surviving manuscript we have about the real meaning of these “cards” explains that the “cards” originate from Atlantis, as in, the lost continent of Atlantis.

Why do you sometimes place the word “cards” in quotation marks?

It’s important to remember that these ancient symbols represent a mathematical matrix in which we live, something like a quantum field of energy. That these 52 symbols happen to be printed on cardstock paper and laminated with plastic is irrelevant to what they really are. I place the word “cards” in quotes to indicate that they are not cards at all. In fact, the deck of playing cards is really the ancient Book of Life. It’s an ancient Book. And, it has no binding on it.

The first ways that this ancient Book would have been recorded was in stone, or clay tablets or even ivory tablets. This ancient mathematical knowledge was inscribed in rock and read from tablets long before it was placed on card stock.

How long have you been doing this professionally?

I started The Center of Spiritual Nutrition in 2010, and I have been professionally coaching and teaching the real meaning of the playing cards since then.

Before that, I co-founded and co-directed a holistic health center in Manhattan. We started that in 2006. It was very successful and is still going. I sold my stake in it in 2009. In those days, I did health coaching and energy healing work. My main offering was something I called Quantum Healing. It’s a combination of crystal healing, sound healing and shamanic journeying. And, I still offer it selectively.

What do you mean by Quantum Healing?

While I was living in India, I learned how to use crystals and stones to activate the body’s meridian points or chakra centers. It’s something akin to acupuncture in that the crystals can activate specific energy centers of the body. In speaking with acupuncturists whom I trust, they have told me that they find that crystals are more powerful on meridian points than needles.

As I started to offer crystal healing therapy for clients many years ago, I realized that what I was helping people to do was shifting their energy vibration. People emerged from the session with a completely different vibration, like something had shifted for them on the quantum level of reality. So, I started to call these sessions Quantum Healing.

What do you mean by Spiritual Nutrition?

What I mean is the most basic nutrition we need to thrive as human beings. If you want to know what the word “spiritual” really means, I suggest you download the report I offer right on the top right of the website. Join in and you’ll get that complete explanation sent to you.

We used to get our “spiritual nutrition” from our religions. That’s the purpose of religions. But, if we’re not getting it from then, it doesn’t mean that we don’t still need it. And, just because the traditional source of our “spiritual nutrition” has dried up, doesn’t mean that we can’t find another source. We can. And we must. If we don’t, we’ll continue to suffer the dire consequences of spiritual malnutrition.

Are you a real wizard?

My kids used to ask me this question a lot. And, I wasn’t sure how to answer it. After a while, I decided to answer, “Yes, I am. I have the job of a wizard. My job is to help people make magic in their lives. I use my magic to help them make magic for themselves.”


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