" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

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1. The Key to Unlock your Spiritual Growth

Discover the biggest block to your spiritual growth and the key to unlock it; so you can grow into the person you want to be.  This is the key to your happiness.

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2. A Reading from the Book of Life.

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You’ll get a simple but accurate start to understanding your life path.  The ordinary deck of playing cards is actually the ancient Book of Life, hidden in plain sight all these years.


3. Free Webinar: The Best Advice I Ever Got

I have studied with Swami’s and Shamans.  I’ve sought out every spiritual teacher I could find.  I’ve been through Roman Catholic seminary, and I’ve studied philosophy at Harvard.

Find out the best advice I ever got in my journey. Find out who gave it to me and why I couldn’t follow it. And then, learn what changed for me that enabled me to follow the best advice I ever got.

I share it all in this life-changing webinar.

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4. Daily Activation Messages

Instead of going through your day on auto-pilot, consciously activate the day you want. Tune in to get your recommended daily allowance of Spiritual Nutrition.

You will receive daily inspirational guidance taken directly from The Book of Life. These messages are universally applicable to everyone.

The messages are delivered at 5 AM of your local time wherever you are in the world! This is a separate mailing list.

Here’s an example of a Daily Activation message you can expect to receive in your inbox each morning:

Today, we play the 10 of Diamonds supported by the Ace of Diamonds.

Life comes quickly. The 10 of Diamonds represents abundance of material reality.  For no rational reason, you may feel in the spotlight today, feeling good about yourself, receiving the goods of life.

Be aware that you don’t get overinflated by your own entitlement.  Meanwhile, make sure that you actually do accept the blessings you say you really want.  Be ready.  Life throws 90 mile per hour fastballs of success.  Embrace them!

Speak out this reality for yourself today:  Life gives to me perfectly.  I am ready, willing and able.

To play your cards right today:  Say ‘thank you’ for each opportunity.


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