" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Get Perfect Clarity

Take Charge of Your Life

Don’t be lost in a fog.  Get the clarity you need to have the life you want.


The Ancient Book of Life is the Deck of Cards.  These Cards are older than the bible.  No-one knows where they have come from.  They are mathematically precise to our universe.

The Cards are so accurate that they have become part of our vocabulary.  For example, we often say things like “play our cards right” or “put the cards on the table” etc. Based purely on mathematics, we each have 13 Cards in our Life Path.  By reading these Cards, we can see clearly who we are in this lifetime.

And as we read from the Book of Life of your life, you will recognize everything about yourself as true, even though it has been hidden under a veil of ignorance.  You will see yourself with crystal-clear clarity, perhaps for the first time.


Take The Perfect Clarity Challenge!

A two-week program to get the clarity you need to focus the direction of your life. In this Fog-Clearing Program, you will learn these 4 Things:

1.    You will see clearly the Primary Light you are here to shine.

We have all been programmed by our society, by our family and our religion to have a certain belief about ourselves.  You have a Primary Light to shine in this world.  You will see what it is, according to the Ancient Book of Life.  This is the true light of your self.  And, it will be clear and obvious to you once you see it.

2.    You will understand what is the way you shine your Light.

We have a primary energy that we vibrate.  We also have a way that we share that energy.  It can be like our identity.  It’s the social persona we have, or our ego.  How would you like to clearly see your own ego, perhaps for the first time ever?

We sometimes hide from ourselves in this way.  We get confused about who we really are when we identify ourselves with our outward social face.  But, at its best, this energy shows how we interact with the world and share the Light that we are here to give.

3.    You will become aware of the Karmic Challenge you are here to solve.

How liberating it is to know exactly what obstacles are in your path so you don’t have to stub your toe as you fumble in the darkness!  You will clearly see the challenges that you must face in this lifetime.

Knowing what your karmic challenge is makes it exponentially easier to face that same challenge.  It’s like being able to scratch an itch that you were never able to scratch before.  You will be able to name the thing that was just out of reach.  And naming it takes away its hold over us.

4.    You will see and appreciate the Karmic Blessing that supports your life.

We all downplay or ignore our blessings.  We don’t acknowledge the energetic support we do get.  We are not fully open to the blessings that want to bless us.  So, we are missing out on the full spectrum of blessings that want to come our way.

Learn to receive all the blessings that are yours to receive.  You’re life will be so much richer and more satisfying.  And, most importantly, you will have more fuel to face the challenges you are here to face.


Crystal-Clear Clarity To Know Your Way Forward

These are the 4 Foundations of Truth you will receive in this Fog Clearing work.  Once you have this foundation of self-awareness, you will be empowered to break through in your life!  With clarity comes power!  With power comes results!

The self-awareness you’ll receive will liberate you to move to the next phase of your life.

This is one of the best investments you can make in understanding yourself and the direction of your life. One session with Alexander and you’ll understand why he’s so good! Not only is he knowledgeable, he delivers it all with love and patience.
— Liz Long, CoFounder & COO of Bag the Habit

Alexander gave me more knowledge about myself than I got in a whole year of therapy… there I was grinding it out week-by-week to get little morsels of insights from my therapist, and in just one session, Alexander nailed my issues spot on… I consider myself a fast-track guy. I want the most effective, efficient means to accomplish a goal. And I feel like there’s nothing better than working with Alexander if you want to evolve yourself into the best person you can be.
— Elijah Sacra, US Marine CORPS Veteran, Founder & CEO of SFHW


The Perfect Clarity Challenge Program

The program begins on day 1 with your one-on-one session with Alexander.  Day 1 is the start of your clarity.  Then for the next 14 days you stretch and build that muscle to develop it into better choices and better results in your life.

What’s included:

  • 1. One-on-One Coaching with Alexander.
  • 2. Recorded session to keep for your personal library.
  • 3. Daily home-play assignments to take action in your life.
  • 4. Email check-in’s for personal accountability.
  • 5. Nutritional guidance:  your food is your medicine.
  • 6. Personalized affirmations and mantras.
  • 7. Follow-up session at the end of two weeks to complete your program.

Your investment is $360





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