" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

A Gift Of Clarity

Ask Your Love Question, Get Your Answer.

Instead of mental confusion, give yourself the gift of clarity.

Remove the mental confusion that plagues you. Clarity is our greatest asset.

When we see ourselves clearly, we make better choices.

Now, if you had crystal-clear clarity, what would be different in your love life?


Alexander Dunlop

Personally, I searched everywhere for answers to my love life.

But nothing gave me the clarity I was looking for until I found the Book of Life.   It’s how I got crystal clear about who is the right life partner for me and how to act within that relationship so that I can co-create a magical partnership.

I want you to have a magical love connection in your own life. Our lives are meant to be magical.

If we are not experiencing magic in our lives, then we are not aligned to the truth of ourselves.  When you learn to see your life through the eyes of your eternal Soul and start living from that perception, then you will start to see magic happening in your love life.

And, nothing helps us to see the truth of our Souls’ yearning like the Book of Life.


Answer The Biggest Love Question Of Your Life!

Ask me your question and I will read you the answer for you in The Book of Life.

Here are some examples of questions people often ask me.  You can ask me one of these questions or you may have your own specific question.

1.  Our relationship is stuck.  We are at a cross-roads.  What do I do?

2.  I just met someone.  We’re dating.  Are we compatible?  (For this question, I will also need to know the Date of Birth of your special someone.)

3.  Why is my love life just not working?

4.  I’ve noticed unhealthy patterns in my romantic relationships.  What can I do to have a successful romantic relationship?

5.  I’m questioning my ultimate destiny, and why I’m here on this Earth.  What’s my true purpose in life?

6.  This next year feels like a big make-or-break year for our relationship.  How can we make it work?

7.  I just went through a big breakup.  Can you help me understand what happened? 

8.  How can I improve my relationships with my…  spouse, family, children, siblings, parents, boss, co-workers etc.  (Pick ONE relationship)

9. Other.

But, please do not ask me to predict the future with questions like “when will I meet the man of my dreams?”

Ask me about your blind spots and your recurring patterns in life.  This is more important.  The resolution to these questions in the present moment will re-direct you towards the future you desire.


Don’t Hesitate.  Crystal-Clear Clarity Awaits.

Schedule your laser sharp reading from the Book of Life today.  For now, you can book a 25 minute session with me for only $59.

You can ask me one burning love question. And, it can be a biggy.

I will give you my answer, based on what I read for you in the Book of Life.

NOTE:  I will need your date of birth and the date of birth of anyone else who you are asking about, e.g. if you are asking a relationship or romance question that involves your compatibility.

Now ask yourself:  what would your love life look like if you had crystal-clear clarity? 

What problems would go away?  What benefits would you receive?  And, how would that make you feel?


Give Yourself The Gift of Clarity

Schedule your 25 Minute Laser Sharp Love Reading for only $59.

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