" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

GPS for Your Life

Get GPS Navigation for Your Life

So you can relax, enjoy your journey & always arrive at success


So, what is the GPS System for your Life?  It’s the Ancient Book of Life, the so-called “ordinary” deck of playing cards.  These cards are older than the bible and no-one knows where they’ve come from.  They are mathematically precise to our cosmos.

We each have 13 Cards in our Life Path, based purely on mathematics.  It’s why we say that we have to “play the cards we’ve been dealt” or “play our cards right.”  These are literal expressions.

Once, we know our Life Path, as it’s laid out in the cards, then we know exactly where we’re going. It’s exactly like having our own personal GPS Life Navigation System.

  • We know exactly what challenges we must face.
  • We know the keys to our financial abundance.
  • We know why our relationships fail and how to shift to success.
  • We know what our shadow side looks like, the part of us that can sabotage our success…
  • And much, much more…

Install your own TRUPATH GPS Life Navigation System:  So you never again have to waste energy worrying that you’re lost.  You can actually enjoy your journey knowing you’ll arrive at your success right on time.


Win the Game of Your Life

The deck of playing cards shows us how to win the game of our life.  These cards are not for playing poker.  They are to play the game of our life.  We each have 13 Cards to play.  These cards show us the game we’re here to play in this lifetime.  Once we know our cards, then we know which game we’re playing.  And, we always win the game we’re playing.

Knowing our cards is liberating and empowering.  People start weeping tears of joy when they find out their cards.  Dark, heavy clouds suddenly lift.  The fog clears.  Its as if all the storm clouds of life suddenly part.  And, life becomes crystal clear.

And then you can live from excitement instead of fear. 

  • You can make decisions based on joy instead of anxiety.
  • You’ll have courage to face your challenges instead of shrinking up inside.
  • You become the master of your own destiny.
  • And, you create the success you want.


Install Your Life Navigation System

In this program, you will get divorced from the old you that lives in fear, anxiety, stress, pain, distraction, obsessive control, procrastination, anger, resentment, and self-judgement.

You will shed the skin of yourself in a total metamorphoses.  You won’t even recognize yourself when we’re done.

The average divorce in America costs more than $20,000.  I know people who have spent much more to get divorced.  And, this is just an example.  But, what is divorce all about?  Isn’t it about hitting a brick wall and needing to find a new direction.

Hitting a brick wall is very expensive, in whatever form it takes.  Don’t wait until you crash your life into a telephone pole.  Don’t wait until you end up in the hospital or just sick and miserable.  It always costs more to fix a problem.

Have you ever had to untangle a ball of string?  How much better would it be to keep the string in alignment in the first place?

Don’t spend $20,000 or more to fix a problem in your life once you hit a brick wall.

Install the TRUPATH GPS Life Navigation System so you always know exactly where you’re going, what turns to make and how long it’s going to take you to get there.  And then, you might actually be able to relax and enjoy the journey as well.

There is no other solution like it.  It’s such a powerful solution that it’s built into our vocabulary.  We commonly refer to these Cards when we say we want to “play our cards right” or “put the cards on the table.”

Your investment to install your Personal GPS Life Navigation System over a 6 month period.

Here’s what you get:

12 one-on-one 50-minute coaching sessions to install the Ancient Book of Life as your Driving experience.  It’s already in your DNA, we just have to re-access it, re-connect to it and activate it.

  • Learn all 13 Cards in your Life Path
  • Learn your 13 yearly Cards as well.  Every year we have new Cards to play.
  • Learn how to play your Cards right.  It’s one thing to know your Cards.  It’s quite another to know how to play them right.
  • Plug your life into the Ancient Book of Life and live according to the rules of your life!


Plus These Bonuses!

  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Learn the Choice Method of Manifestation
  • Tap your own Inner Child guidance
  • Animal Medicine guidance:  Learn your Power Animals
  • Learn Kundalini Yoga techniques
  • Power Breathing Exercises
  • Excerpts from the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Excerpts from the course:  Meditations at the Speed of Life
  • Excerpts from the Course in Miracles
  • Create your own story exercise
  • Transforming obstacles into gifts exercise
  • Learn how to step into your own Circle of Excellence


To enter this program, you must first visit with me for an introductory consultation.


No other coaching, programs or therapies offer the level of guidance, support, and clarity that Alexander provides. His insights and infinite wisdom set a big vision and clear path for anyone seeking truth about their life. With patience and light humor, I felt completely taken care of while having the most important conversations of my life. Alexander’s gift is helping me realize my own.
— Anura Desai, Founder & Director of Desai Health and Wellness

I have spent a lot of time discovering healthy food and lifestyle choices that work for me.  But, something was missing.  I wanted guidance to find a spiritual practice genuine to me. Alexander has created a welcoming, realistic experience to love and connect with myself. He has supported me to improve my sleep, happiness, and better understand myself. But, of the many things we have worked on, the most powerful is his ability to support me to notice my patterns. Now that I have this awareness, I can much more clearly see when I am falling into tendencies that do not serve me.  This awareness has created positive changes in my health and happiness for a lifetime.  I truly look forward to every call I have with Alexander.  I am always astounded by the insight and growth I feel after speaking with him.  With tremendous gratitude and love, thank you, Alexander.
— Holly Harmon, Founder of Holly Harmon Health

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