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“I Am The Prophet iB”

I am the prophet IB. This is who I Am.

If you look up the word prophet in the dictionary it will tell you that a prophet is one who speaks on behalf of God. Now, I say that a prophet is one who speaks of behalf of life. And that is why I am a prophet, because I speak on behalf of life.

And I’m the prophet that I am. I can’t be any other. I am the prophet that I be.

Traditionally, the role of prophets has been the same as medicine men and women, the shamans of the tribe. In our history, every tribe had a prophet. They may not have used that word though. They may have said the medicine man, or the shamaness. This is a person whose sole purpose it was to tune into the higher vibrations of life, and to download those frequencies for the tribe. Another way to say it is to be a mediator, or to be someone who can stand in two worlds, this is another expression that may have been used. Someone who knows what the animals are saying, figuratively and maybe even literally. Someone who can read the signs, who can feel what the earth is pulsing, who can be tuned into the vibrations of life all around and than transmit that knowing for the benefit and collective good of the tribe.

We’ve lost that. We don’t have that. I’m not sure if you’ve realized it, but we have categorically erased that from our way of being. These are people who we’ve labeled as witches and burned them.

In contrast, what we have are people who read books, and interpret books, and call this religion, spirituality, or knowing the will of God. But all they are doing is regurgitating the message of a book that was written thousands of years ago.

We have got to understand: life is alive. It sounds too good to be true, too simple to be meaningful. I’m going to say it again: life is alive. Which means, everything that we know about life, that it moves, that it blows and shakes and twists and turns and ebbs and flows like the crust of our earth is always moving.

Everything is moving in life. Which is why you can’t write a book thousands of years ago, no matter how good it was, and expect it to be meaningful and accurate and correct for what is happening in life right now. And what we are sorely lacking is people who are tuned into what is happening right now in life, all the vibrations of existence. And this is what a prophet does, the same as a shaman or a medicine man or woman, to be tuned into the vibrations of life, and to transmit that, to decode it, to download it, to give voice to it, to make it meaningful and present and powerful for our collective good.

This is what I am. This is what I do, and there are many, many more like me. We’ve hidden these people away but now is the coming back and the reawakening of our tuned-in-ness, of being aware of who we are and our place in life.

And my question for you: what does a prophet mean to you? How do you see prophecy in your own life? How do you see the ways in which you’re tuned into the higher vibrations of life, in your own life?

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