" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Who am I?

It occurred to me some time ago that I give voice to what is being thought and felt around me. As a school boy, I was told that I asked the questions in class that others were thinking… I am sensitive to vibrations around me. And I tune in to the frequencies that are all around.

This is both good and bad, as you can imagine. And I’ve had a devil of a time unconsciously absorbing other people’s negative energy and drawing that into myself. It has taken a long time and a lot of work to learn how to deflect negative energy that exists around me… so that I don’t find myself thinking and feeling the same negativity.

…which is why for millennia, sensitive souls have retreated to mountain tops and monasteries to reflect, meditate and pray… because they wanted to place themselves in a space-time to absorb clear, clean energy of high altitudes.

You know that the air IS thinner at higher altitudes, which means there is less resistance to vibrations and frequencies, which is why a baseball flies further in higher altitudes. Same with thoughts and feelings. They fly higher and further too. Which is why, again, sensitive souls have gone to mountain tops to pray to god or meditate or receive the ten commandments.

Now, in recent times, not too long ago considering our vast evolution, each tribe had at least one medicine man or woman or shaman whose sole purpose was to be attuned to the higher vibrations of reality and to tune those vibrations to the benefit of the collective.

And we now know, thanks to quantum physics, that all reality vibrates. Reality vibrates down to the smallest particle, that is apparently a solid particle, but when investigated is revealed to be a vibration that has a tendency to exist in one exact point of space and time.  Let that sink in:  apparently solid particles exist as vibrational frequencies that have a likelihood of existing at a point in space and time.  As a result of this realization, there are postulates of quantum physics like the “uncertainty principle” which essentially mean that we can never everything about a particle at a given time — because the particle is a shifting vibrational frequency.

Our scientific exploration, the scientific paradigm of inquiry, has at last led us full circle to a shamanic knowing. This knowing is to know that all reality vibrates, including ourselves, including our thoughts, including our feelings. And because all reality vibrates, then it is possible to tune into the vibrations of reality as a radio antenna tunes into sound waves. We all act like tuning forks. We all resonate with certain frequencies, which is to say we resonate with certain people or with certain thoughts / ideas and with certain emotions / feelings.

And there are common, we might say normal or habitual vibrations that we are all attuned to. And these form our culture. What we collectively think and feel. What we are like collectively, how we resonate together, which is why an American has a distinct vibration from an Italian or Japanese. We come into a collectively resonance that becomes our culture and becomes “normal.” And there is nothing wrong with this collective resonance, this normalcy, except when we try to maintain it in the face of shifting vibrational patterns.

It is a simple truth of life that the vibrational patterning all around us is shifting with the rotation of the earth, the energy of the sun, and the pull of the moon. There is an ebb and flow of energy that is reality.

We collectively get stuck or caught, however, in one particular vibrational pattern and we do so for a variety of reasons: fear of the next vibration, laziness to change our vibration, power to keep our place in this vibration, greed to keep the results of this vibration, etc. etc. And then we may even begin to use force to keep people acting in a certain pattern, a certain way even though the vibration is no longer present, which is why religious truth comes to feel like empty dogma after time passes. New vibrations arise and old ones pass away. Life ebbs and flows. But doctrine and dogma do not.  They stay the same.

Now, in our current culture, we are sorely lacking true medicine men and women, true shamans to tune into the current and rising patterns of vibrations in our world. Unlike our ancestors, we do not hold a special place in our culture for those who can read the current signs, who can read the astrological omens, who can listen to what the earth is saying, who can feel the shifting winds of change on their cheeks. We don’t have a place for these people. In fact, we used to burn them at the stake not too long ago.

Priests and ministers of religions past are not tuned into the present moment of Life. They are only re-reading and reinterpreting older patterns and past vibrations recorded in books. They truly have nothing to give us in the present moment. They themselves are stuck in a past pattern, a past vibration, a past story of Life.

What is needed for us, collectively, is for people to rise up who are tuned into Life and share what is being received in the highest vibrations for the sake of the common good.

These who do so are prophets, medicine men and shamans. If you look up in the dictionary the word prophet, it says that a prophet is one who speaks on behalf of god.  I say that I speak on behalf of Life.

And this was a big revelation for me, to realize that I am a prophet of Life. And, I am the prophet that I am. I can be no other. I have run away and hidden from this tuning in my life. But I have been tuned by Life for this purpose and no other. Which is why I am the prophet that I be.

with love,

Alexander Dunlop
the Prophet iB

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