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Meditation: “Get into the habit of your dreams!”

Remember when you were told that the most important things you could learn were how to read and write and do math.

As kids we all toiled away to learn these basic mental skills. And we were all told that it was the way to get ahead in the world, the way to get into a better college and the way to get a better job, make more money, be happier in life etc etc.

Is that the way it worked out? Did all that mental power live up to it’s hype?

I know, for me, I used my noggin to the nth degree. I went to Harvard. I worked as a consultant on Wall Street. And round about that same time, I started going clubbing and started taking recreational drugs for the first time in my life. And even at the time, it occurred to me that what I was doing each weekend was releasing the stress of the week, clearing my mind from all the swirling energy.

So much energy in the mind has to be released somehow… if not, it leads to migraines, insomnia and even psychosomatic illness, we can think ourselves to death!

What I’m saying is that all our lives we’ve only been taught to use our mental power as much as possible! No-one ever told us that might be a bad thing, that it would lead to headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, fear, worry, etc. Isn’t that what happens when our minds run away with possible scenarios or outcomes? We worry needlessly about things that are hypothetically possible.

In reality, all we are doing is what our elementary school teachers taught us to do. We are using our brains to think it through. Remember when you were taught to sound out your letters in order to learn to read. Use your brain. Think it through, my father used to say.

Now, we come to the other side, when using our brain has gotten to be overwhelming, when we wish we could turn off our brain and not think so much. And this is where meditation comes to the rescue. I can tell you this without a shadow of a doubt that meditation is the most important skill you will ever learn in your whole adult life. And it is a skill. And it can be learned. Just like you once learned how to read and do long division and fractions. It can be learned with practice and patience.

And then you will come to what will feel like a miraculous place. You will be able to turn your thinking off and rest your brain, without trying to numb it with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, sitcoms, etc. It’s amazing when you learn how to actually not-think it through, when you learn how to not use your brain.

And then a whole new life of peace and happiness opens up for you. You can do it, and I will help you. I am your personal Meditation Tutor.

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  1. Parwathy Narayan

    I completely agree with your well written article. It really is unfortunately how society has trained us. I just wrote a blog about meditation and I practice it everday. I’m glad that this concept of alternative healing is getting into the mainstream. Thank you!

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