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Occupy Wall Street

The movement to Occupy Wall Street is a Result of a Cosmic shift of energy.


My friends, we are the result of a shift of energy that is occurring across our entire Galaxy. We now know scientifically that ALL of the planets in our Solar System are heating up. Global warming is happening on every planet in our Solar System. There is a shift of energy happening everywhere that we have the capability of measuring.

I tell you this so you understand that the awakening of consciousness happening now on Earth is but a small part of the larger Cosmic awakening. And our embodiment of this energetic shift in our own lives is as a result of a Cosmic awakening. This is crucial to understand. We are not the cause of the current waking up on the Earth. We are the result of the Earth warming up to new vibrations, new energies and new frequencies.

Every planet in our Solar System is warming up to new frequencies, new vibrations and new energies. We feel it. And so we sing out a new tune. We feel it. And so we raise our voices. We feel it. And so we take new action. And surely, a new energy is present on the face of the Earth. New vibrations, new frequencies and new possibilities are now afoot.

And so, it is absolutely crucial that we understand and acknowledge that we are not causing anything. We must relinquish this pride. In our hubris, we may want to claim credit for Occupy Wall Street. But Occupy Wall Street is a result of a Cosmic awakening. Every single planet is awakening from a cold slumber. We are tiny specs dancing to the beat of this Cosmic drummer.

But make no mistake, we are participating. We are co-creating. We, who have ears to hear, and we, who have eyes to see, are listening and responding to our Mother Earth as she arises. We hear the shift in energy and we are responding to Her wishes. We are doing what we can. We are doing what we must. But, even our Mother Earth is not the cause. She too is only receiving energy from a far greater Source than we can possibly imagine.

I tell you this so that you know the most important thing of all: We cannot fail. For, we are not in charge of this re-volution. We are not in change of this re-creation of the face of the Earth. Even our Earth is not in charge. Her revolutions are always in response to the energy She receives. We, who live on the Earth, are participants, dancers, swaying to the rhythm we hear. This evolution of energy, this shifting consciousness is happening on a Cosmic scale in every place that we know of.

And lest we forget, this awakening of energy was predicted long ago. Ancient societies, who studied the stars in a way that we study football statistics, knew thousands of years ago that in the year 2012, there would be a major shift of consciousness. Not just the Mayan civilizations, many other civilizations also knew of this awakening. In their astute observation of the movements of the stars, they recognized long ago that this time would be a time of great awakening. But, of course, before the birth of new life, the old must pass away.

I assure you the old is indeed passing away. In our own lifetimes, I promise you, we will look back on Wall Street like we now look at Buckingham Palace (where the Royal family of England lives.) It is inevitable. And we are not causing it. We are participating. And, we must have the humility to realize our place in the Cosmos.

If you asked a King or Queen in the 17th Century if one day the ruling class of society would be capitalists, they would have laughed in your face. The very idea of a bourgeoisie replacing a King as the leader of society was ridiculous. And yet, it came to pass swiftly. This current revolution will be even swifter. What is different this time is not just the speed of change, however. This revolution will be bloodless. It will happen in harmony with the higher vibrations now warming our Earth.

And so, I assure you that in our lifetimes, we will see a whole new society based on partnership and cooperation. It may be hard now to conceive fully how it will play out. But, it’s not up to us anyway. What we must do is listen and respond to the energy we receive. We are not in charge. We do not know how it will all play out. Our only task is to dance to the rhythm we hear and to speak what we receive. Our Mother will guide us as She continues to receive from the Source of all. Our task is to open our ears to listen and open our eyes to see.

This shift of consciousness was predicted thousands of years ago to come now. We all who are living now have chosen to be alive now because we wanted to participate in this shift. We have all chosen to be alive now because now is the crescendo of a long cycle of energy. Now is the most exciting time to be alive! We are alive during the final hours of a dying world order and alive to see the birth of a whole new being on this planet.

Let us rejoice and celebrate. Let us dance to the rhythm of our Mother Earth. And let us offer our gratitude to the Source of all we receive.

So it is. And so be it.

with love,

the Prophet iB

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  1. hymn

    Above all else, know this to be true – it is you who is perfect, the rest isn’t you 🙂

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