" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Read The Book of Life

Clarify Your Life, Your Gifts, & Your Purpose:

So that instead of untapped potential wishing for what might have been, you can blossom into your full expression.


Alexander Hamilton Dunlop

My name is Alexander and I searched everywhere to find the answers to my questions about life. I studied philosophy at Harvard, and I’m a former Wall Street consultant.

I was trained as a Roman Catholic priest and while living in ashrams in India, I was initiated as a Swami. I have also trained in the Lakota and Shipibo shamanic traditions.

I’ve read every book, studied every system of knowledge and met with every master until I found the answers I was looking for. And, much to my own surprise, the answers I was looking for were found in an ordinary deck of playing cards.

These cards are not cards at all. In fact, they are a book.  And, they are none other than the ancient and mysterious Book of Life. It is the same Book of Life that is mentioned in the Bible more than 20 times. And, it’s been hidden in plain sight all these years, masquerading as the playing cards.


Because You Want To Know

We are going to open up the Book of Life and read the answers to your life questions.  And yes, it really is that easy.  It’s just that no-one has known about the Book of Life or how to read it properly. Until now.

Playing Cards

  • Find out your purpose in life.
  • Uncover the right career path for you.
  • Learn how to have healthy, happy relationships.
  • Get clear direction for your next steps in life.
  • Learn how to make better financial decisions.
  • Realize clarity and peace of mind.
  • Attune yourself to your own unique essence.


All of this comes from reading the ancient Book of Life.  And, when I read the Book of Life for you, you’ll realize as I did that it’s like getting GPS Navigation for your life.

All of this in just one session!  But, please note, you will need to fill out a questionnaire before the session and send it to me.  I will research the answers for you and then explain it all to you, either in person or via skype/phone.


What People Are Saying


This  is one of the best investments you can make in understanding yourself and the direction of your life. One session with Alexander and you’ll understand why he’s so good! Not only is he knowledgeable, he delivers it all with love and patience.
— Liz Long, Co-Founder & COO of Bag the Habit

I consider myself a fast-track guy. I want the most effective, efficient means to accomplish a goal… Alexander gave me more knowledge about myself in one session than I got in years of therapy.
— Elijah Sacra, Executive Director of Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness


It was a profound personal learning experience. I must admit, I didn’t want to be told my future as in other readings I’ve done. However, what I found in Alexander’s reading was a way to confirm my highest essence… it allowed me to trust myself greater and realign to my purpose, both professionally and personally.
— David Schommer, Founder & President of Yoga Organix

It has been a true life-changing experience. I can confidently say that Alexander is the one ‘guide’ I have met in my life who has helped transform me into a more powerful, complete, joyful person. He defines what is a “Gift” to those he touches.
— Kristine Szabo, Model & Entrepeneur



Who Should Get A Reading?

You!  Because you want clarity.  You don’t want to wait for years of therapy or coaching to figure things out.  So, if you are

  • Ready to make a big shift in your life
  • Eager to tap into your full potential
  • Wanting to take your life to the next level of success and happiness
  • At a cross-roads in life
  • Discontent
  • Bumping into a self-limiting glass ceiling
  • Confused about your relationships
  • Uncertain about your career path
  • Wanting to find true love
  • Feeling stuck in your life
  • Spinning your wheels repeating the same patterns over and over again
  • Operating in a fog
  • Unable to find peace of mind…

Then, it’s time for you to get a reading from the Book of Life.


What Benefits Can You Expect

  • Clarity!
  • Confidence.
  • Self-assurance.
  • Validation.
  • Ah-ha moments.
  • Direction.
  • Guidance.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Renewed hope.
  • Inspiration.
  • A clear strategy for success.
  • Practical action steps to implement.
  • And, most importantly, big breakthroughs in your life.


A Reading From The Book of Life

We will be reading your life.  And, it can be an intensely powerful experience.

These readings from the Book of Life are not for everyone. It’s only if you are ready and willing to face your shadows. If you are ready to face your fears and create the life you really want, then this reading is for you.

Click below to schedule your session.  Then, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire.  Based on your responses, I will prepare the reading for you. 

The 50-Minute Reading will be recorded for you.  The amount of content can sometimes be a lot to digest in one sitting.  You can expect to listen to the recording multiple times to digest the full meaning of your reading.

Then, we will schedule a 25-minute Follow-up Reading to help you process what you’re learning, answer any questions, and lay out a road map for you to realize your goals in life.

All told, your investment is $300.

And, it just might be worth more to you than years of therapy or coaching.

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