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The Ordinary Deck of Playing Cards: Play The Game of Life

Cartomancy:  Reading Meaning from an Ordinary Deck of Cards

How good is it when all “the cards are on the table?” How good do you feel knowing “what’s in the cards for you?” And then, imagine how amazing it would be to know how to “play your cards right.”

You know how when you’re in an argument with someone and you’re not sure if they are holding the cards close or if they are putting their cards on the table. And maybe you’ve actually even used those expressions before.

These expressions all have literal meaning. The playing cards, the ordinary deck of playing cards, which go back beyond ancient Egypt – no-one knows where these cards originally came from, give us the opportunity to know what’s in the cards for us, for Life!

To read these cards for meaning is called Cartomancy.  Cartomancy is the science of reading meaning from playing cards.

I can tell you personally how amazingly transformative it has been for me to learn my own cards. It has crystallized for me who I am and what I am here to do and to learn. The sacred cards have shown me clearly what my greatest gift is, so I can focus on giving it! The sacred cards have shown me what my shadow side is, so I can be more aware of where I am unaware. You know, known unknowns vs unknown unknowns. It makes a big, big difference to know what your unknown side looks like to other people because other people see our shadow, even if we don’t!

And then, once you know what your shadow side looks like, it will change everything. It will change your relationships in particular. It’s usually the shadow side that creeps into our relationships, and we don’t see it but we see our partner’s shadow clearly and vice-versa. And that’s why we may argue so much and both feel that we are right, because neither sees our own shadow.

What I do in a Playing Card reading is give you the tools you need to see yourself and your life clearly. You will know what your shadow side is. You will know what your biggest teacher in life is and you will know what your key to abundance is in life. You will also know what your evolutionary path is in life, the path you must work for your own spiritual growth. And it’s different for each of us. There are 52 cards in the deck. So there are 52 different ways for human beings to grown spiritually. And what is spiritual growth for one person may be poison for the next.

And that’s why knowing the cards is so valuable. Putting the cards on the table gives you clarity. And then I can help you and show you how to play your cards right as well. It’s like having the secret code for your life! You can see what your life is, who you are and what you are here to do. It will change everything for you once you learn your secret code.

with love,

Alexander Dunlop

Spiritual Life Coach

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