" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

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Enter The Sacred Space of Yourself

As we live and move and have our being, the pulsing energy, which we are, inhales and exhales the energy of the Universe. To say it another way: we are alive with the Universe in which we live!

But, if the basic ebb and flow of Life is thwarted or constricted, energetic knots are formed in our lives. And it has always been the way of the true priest, rabbi, or shaman to guide people in the way of untying these knots.

The knots are usually a self-protective mechanism like scabs over a wound.  We keep our wounds covered, but this covering forms a hard place in us that blocks the flow of life and keeps us feeling drained or exhausted by life.

In the practice of Quantum Healing, I work with sound, crystals, guided meditation, and breath in Shamanic, Yogic, Jewish, and Christian traditions to help heal the wounds incurring during the process of being alive in these bodies.

“Sound and vibration are the healing tools of medicine in the future.”  ~ Edgar Cayce

The Practice of Healing

Quantum Healing helps to heal your heart, cleanse your soul, strengthen your resolve, and manifest your intentions!

Most of us take our lack of energy for granted. We just assume that it’s normal to feel “blocked,” scattered, depressed, “stuck in a rut” or fatigued. Exercise can help boost our energy but it won’t change deep-seated energetic patterns in our life.

For a more lasting and sustainable solution, we must work directly with the vibrations that give rise to our physical body. In this quantum approach to healing, we can open energetic channels to re-pattern basic human vibrations. This type of direct energetic work is especially valuable in the case of calming mind energy, expanding subtle heart energy and strengthening core energy.

The Benefits of Quantum Healing

The benefits of Quantum Healing are as far-ranging as human individuality. Each person benefits slightly differently. But, in every case, the benefit is to help you arrive more certainly in the sacred space of your own true self.

Some common benefits include:

  • Healing from an overstressed environment to restore personal peace
  • Shifting unconscious patterns or bad habits to re-channel energy in more constructive paths
  • Reconciling the hurts of past relationships to re-open the heart
  • Overcoming insecurity to restore self-confidence
  • Finding of lost voice to restore authenticity
  • Restoration of connection to personal power sources
  • Settling of sleep patterns to restore balanced energy flow
  • Healing from addictions to re-center energy
  • Healing of blockages to open creative processes
  • Power and assistance with life changes
  • Becoming more comfortable in your own skin
  • Finding your power animal
  • Uncovering your own dream language


What to Expect

You will be lying on a table, much like in a Reiki session or other energy healing work, with your eyes closed.  Slowly, I will begin invoking the healing energy through sound, voice, mantra, crystals, touch and guided meditation.  People often tell me that they fall into a deep state of lucid dreaming, as if they were under hypnosis, but deeper.  You will be perfectly awake, but as if in a dream world.  From here, our work can begin.

You are now in an “in-between” state where shifts of energy are possible.  But don’t worry, the work is very subtle.  And you will likely feel refreshed and cleansed as if you have taken a bath in a field of nurturing energy (which is, in fact, what you have done.)  Sometimes, people have a difficult time re-adjusting to waking reality after I bring them back.  But, we will do grounding exercises and breath work as needed to re-establish your connection to your physical body.

It’s incredibly powerful work.  And you may feel an immediate difference afterwards.  During the work, you may find connection to your power animal, or a child-hood memory, or a past-life, or to a dream symbol that has powerful meaning for you.  We will be talking during the work so that you can express anything that comes up for you.  And, I will be helping you to interpret what comes to you while in your lucid dreaming “in-between” state.

Quantum Healing is a way for you to heal yourself all the way down the vortex of your energetic reality!


Feedback, Comments, Testimonials

“This is the most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my life.”  ~ Karen R.

“Your singing was so beautiful… and my mind was quiet; I was just receiving.  It felt like I was being cleansed.”  ~ Deborah K

“These sessions have become my safe place, where I come to reconnect to myself again.”  ~  Kathy C.

“It felt like the door opened and people came in and stood next to me.  I know they weren’t there in the room with us physically, but I could feel their presence… and then everything shifted from dark to light.”  Hushan Z.

“My eyes were still closed, but when you placed the crystal on my forehead, it felt like the whole room lit up in a bright warm light.”  Dean Y.

“I suddenly found the power in me…it reminded me of the same power I once felt while I was experiencing an earthquake.  And this power is inside me too.  It has been in me all along, but I didn’t know it until now.”  ~ Natalie V.

“It felt like I was having a spiritual orgasm.”  ~  Alison S.

“When I was leaving your office after the session, the energy still moving in my body,  I was flooded with this warm sentiment of what my life could be like — all ease and earthy naturalness…”  ~ Anne T.

“I was lying there on the table and I started to see a black panther coming to me… and then later it was coming to me again, sweetly and then it enveloped me, like it wanted to make love to me, and I was reminded of the ancient myths where Zeus and the other come to human beings disguised as animals.”  ~ A. B.

“I slept so well after.  And the next morning, I ate a few dates and could not believe how delicious they were, like they were the sweetest, most amazing things I had ever tasted in my life!”  ~ Blake H.


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