" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Special Events

Book Alexander For Your Special Event

Alexander offers card readings from the ordinary deck of playing cards.  It’s a perfect addition to your holiday party, corporate event, or other special event.

Alexander will do short 10 – 15 minute readings for your guests.  Your guests will be amazed to have accurate guidance offered them based on the same cards they use to play card games.

To book Alexander for your special event, please email me@spiritualnutrition.org and mark “Special Event Booking” in the subject line.


Reviews & Testimonials


“In June 2012 I hosted a 100+ person party for the launch of my charitable cookbook I LOVE CORN in lower Manhattan… and Alexander Dunlop was there to entertain the masses… and entertain he did!  My guests were mesmerized with the way he shared his spiritual knowledge using a simple deck of playing cards to talk about the ways we can all  “play our cards right”.  It is fascinating… and if you have never joined him for a session, I highly recommend you do… soon!”

~ Lisa Skye, The Corcoran Group

“We were very fortunate this year that Alexander Dunlop was available for our annual holiday party to mesmerize, delight and confound our guests with the untapped knowledge of the ancient book of cards unfolding hidden messages that reveal the wisdom of the ages for all those lucky enough to have a reading.  I highly recommend Alexander for your next special event… I also look forward to reading the message he delivers each morning on his Daily Activation site.  It’s a great way to start the day.”

~ Linda Petrozelli, Fisher Brothers

“I recently hosted a benefit with more than 200 people. At the event, Alexander provided his magical card readings. Most people were expecting news about their future from a psychic or Tarot reader, but his readings are very different. Alexander offers information about yourself, your strengths, life purpose and how to play your cards right. He received such rave reviews that I decided to book myself a session. I highly recommend working with Alexander if you need clarity, direction or inspiration.”

~ Catherine Rode, The Brownstone Group



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