" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

What do you really want to create in your life?

Spiritual Life Coaching is about helping you transform your reality.  We start with exactly where you are right now, as stuck and blocked as you feel right this moment and we work toward your complete success!  And how do we define that success?  Well, you do.  You’ll tell me what you want to do.

What are your goals?  What are your dreams?  Do you want to…

– Start your own successful business
– Save your marriage
– Find the perfect, special someone
– Attract the finances you need
– Create happy relationships with your children
– Get the job you want
– Become the person you want to be
– Surrender to happiness
– Find your true purpose

After working with many clients, coaching them toward their life goals, I noticed something extraordinary:  they all got what they wanted!  They all achieved their goals.  They all manifested what they really wanted in their lives.  That’s the power I’ve noticed of the right spiritual life coaching.


Here are some examples of recent Success Stories.

These are real stories of real people in my spiritual life coaching program.

– Manifested the money to start his business
– Found the guy of her dreams
– Achieved a happy relationship with his ex-wife
– Got clear of massive debt
– Saved her marriage
– Successfully started a new career
– Won an important, life-changing court case
– Beat her food addiction
– Overcame alcohol abuse
– Found inner peace and harmony
– Learned to meditate
– Completely re-invented herself
– Found his true purpose

And these are just some of the recent success stories!

Here’s what happens:  when you get into alignment with yourself, and who you really are, and what your true purpose is, then magic starts happening in your life. 

When you are in alignment, the universe aligns for you.  Synchronicity happens!  And voila!  You are suddenly living the life you’ve been dreaming about.


So, how does the Magic Happen?

I work from a number of ancient tools to break you through your own limiting beliefs and your own limited energy.  I leverage and teach all of the following to you in my Spiritual Life Coaching programs.

  • The Blueprint for your Life:  From the Deck of Playing Cards
  • Your Spiritual Genetic Code:  From the Gene Keys
  • Your Power Animals and Animal Helpers:  From Native American Wisdom
  • A simple, healthy and robust meditation practice:  I can teach anyone how to meditate
  • Your personalized mantras and affirmations
  • Breathing techniques to center yourself and relax anywhere
  • The right foods, superfoods and supplements for your body
  • Energy balancing and Energy healing using Crystals and Stones
  • Shamanic Journeying to unlock your personal power
  • Sound healing to reconnect with your own vibration

All of these tools come together to create total and utter transformation.  The you that emerges from my spiritual life coaching programs is like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon!


What will your Success Story be in 2013?

Start Now.  Set up your introductory consultation to talk with me about how my Spiritual Life Coaching programs work and which one is best for you.  So, if you want to create something amazing in your life, now is the time to start!

Right now I am offering special Break Through Consultations.  Click below to schedule yours!  We will get started right away.  This is not a meet-and-greet session.  We will dive right into your transformation!  Are you ready to start living the life you really want?


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