" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

What is Spiritual Nutrition?

Spiritual Nutrition… People ask me, “What is it? What does that mean?”  And it’s a great question because these are two really big words…spiritual…nutrition… we put them together, and what does that really mean?

Let me tell you what it’s not:  It’s not dogma. It’s not doctrine. It’s not church. It’s not temple. It’s not anything you may have known or grown up with. It’s not what your parents taught you, unless you had really enlightened parents, which is possible I guess.

What it is, is complete nourishment. Nourishment for everything that we are, all aspects of who we are, mentally, emotionally, physically, in our whole complete life. This is what I mean by spiritual nutrition.

But granted, it is an open ended question, and actually I would love to hear from you of what you think Spiritual Nutrition is, what you feel it is for you, because what I’m doing in this process is hopefully starting a movement where we can actually ask these questions and unearth a whole new way of being. Literally unearth a whole new way of being on this planet, and with ourselves, with each other in this life.

This is what I want to create: a whole new language of life. And that is going to require a lot of communication, dialogue, consensus, and low and behold we have the means to do that now. We are in an amazing place in our history, a convergence point, when we have the capacity how to have a “town hall meeting” with everyone on the planet. We can be all connected dialoging about what does it mean to have spiritual nutrition. And that’s what I want to create, where we are all in this process together.

Now, what it means on a more practical level, if you wanted to work with me as your Spiritual Health Coach, is that I would help you set up a personalized plan for you, of how you can get your mental nourishment, your emotional nourishment, your physical nourishment, and your life nourishment. And we would work together to create that plan for you, and I would help you in whatever way is necessary. I would help you learn how to meditate. I can teach you yoga. I’m a certified health coach. I have an advanced degree in nutrition. I can help you figure out what the right things are to eat. And I’ve been trained as a priest. I’ve been trained as a Swami. I’ve been trained as a Shaman.

I’ve done a lot of different trainings. All of it has been for me, a journey of finding my own spiritual nutrition. Coming out of a Roman Catholic background, and then plunging into an evangelical Christian background when I was 18; and then having trauma in my own body, having Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Psoriasis, and learning how to heal my own body. So, I’ve discovered for myself what nutrition means, and what spirituality means, now bringing the two together so that we can have complete nourishment: mind, body and soul. And that’s what I’m here to offer.

So, here’s my request for you: please write in your comments and tell me what Spiritual Nutrition means to you. Let’s start this dialogue.

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    Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out
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