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In our capitalist society, we have tremendous economic opportunities.  And, people come from all over the world, immigrating here, for a chance to follow their dream.  That’s the upside of our culture.

But, the down-side of our economic system is that everyone is focused on his / her own economic dream.  Then, what about the family?  And, what about our children?

Many of us have to work so hard, so many long hours, that we don’t have the ability to spend quality time with our children.  Worse, the little time we do have, we are so stressed-out and tired that we end up arguing.  And yet, we love our children and want only the best for them.

In Indigenous cultures and in our own history, the culture is that of a large extended family network of support.  The children are always woven into a larger tapestry of connections to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  We don’t have that same fabric of support in our capitalist society.

So, the loss we feel as parents is the loss of connection, especially to our children.  And we struggle to both make enough money to support our children AND spend quality time with them away from the stress of work.  It ain’t easy.  I do know this challenge from personal experience.

And yet, transformation of our relationship to parenting is possible.  Again, I know this from personal experience.

Imagine if you could transform your whole relationship to parenting, such that you began to see parenting as a GIFT.  And, even better, imagine if you could receive your children as GIFTS.

In other words, here is the question:  who are you as a parent that your children get to be for you?  Let that question sink in.  We create the space in which our children arise.  We all know the expression that children are sponges.  As parents, we see this first hand.  Haven’t you heard you children repeating expressions that you use?

Take it one step deeper:  our children repeat our energy patterns, not just our words.  Wow.  Let that one sink in.  Our children repeat our energy patterns.

So, if you want happy, healthy children, how is that going to be possible if you are stressed-out?  The good news is that the solution is remarkably easy.  And I can help you.  I am the parent of a girl and a boy, and I have learned from first-hand experience how to successfully parent my children.

Right now, for a limited time, I am offering Break-Through Parenting Success Consultations for a special introductory rate.

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