" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

The Ten Tenets*

The Ten Tenets*


  1. Behold, Life is a living One. Do not place any aspect of life before Life, including any beliefs about Life.

  2. A life lived in vain is no life at all.  Do not be afraid to walk in many paths, fail and make mistakes until you live as One.

  3. Honor Life by saying ‘we’ whenever you might say ‘they.’  There is no ‘they,’ only we.  And we are all alive together.

  4. Honor Life with gratitude for both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ in your life.  Both are aspects of Life and both have shaped the life that you are.

  5. Know your own heartbeat.  It is your Life beat.  Know your own breath.  It is your ebb and flow of Life.

  6. Live in the cycles of Life.  Feast with Life and fast with Life, according to your own rhythm, in harmony with Life.

  7. Live in gracious, equal balance with all aspects of Life including plants, animals, insects, rocks, water, dirt, and air.

  8. Do not knowingly engage in any form of Life deception, most of all to yourself.

  9. Do not covet ‘world peace’ or any other conclusion.  Life is alive with infinite possibilities and infinite worlds that are yet to come.

  10. Do not covet a dead language of Life, such as the religions of your ancestors.  These are echoes of a dialogue with Life past.  Instead, speak to Life with living hearts.

  11. Do not be afraid to shine your living light.  We are creations of Life, given the gift of life, for Life.




* These Ten Tenets are the current Tenants of Life.  They have a 1000 year lease on Life.  After their lease is up, they must be overturned to become compost for the next fertile growth of Life.

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