" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop


“Alexander’s coaching method teaches new ways of being introspective, helping people pull from their best out within and harvest it into success. What he sees in the cards is an authentic experience that supports me and other entrepreneurs in our journeys. Alexander’s work is high-quality, thoughtful, and always opens me to new perspectives. I highly recommend studying with Alexander. You will open new doors into yourself that you did not know were there.”
– Marissa Feinberg, co-founder, Impact Hub NYC

“Thank you Alexander, the new business is going absolutely great! Everything is organically falling into place. I’ve also started dating someone and making my own art again! The business can be overwhelming at times, but thank the gods up above for meeting you and re-programming me with all my amazing affirmations that keep me focused and confident on this venture! I’m aware of the fears that come into play and let them just filter out. I keep all the knowledge you shared with me fresh in my mind, as it has been incredibly helpful in playing my cards right! I can’t thank you enough!!!”
– Natalia Yovane ~ CEO and Co-founder of artpowwow.com

“When I started working with Alexander, I wanted to quit my corporate job and start my own Naturopathy practice. Within five months of coaching with him, I opened my practice and am now stabilized in it, building a strong, reputable business. It was Alexander’s insights that defogged my glasses to give me a clearer vision of myself. His sage guidance was the catalyst to my success. Alexander rocks!”
– Laura Keiles, ND, CTN, Princeton Integrative Health Center

“I came to see Alexander for three reasons: to figure out who I really was, my true purpose in life, and more importantly to become confident with each of those realizations. After several months of coaching, I now know exactly who I am and what my purpose is and I couldn’t be more confident about it. I have never been so happy and sure of what I am going to do with my life. I’m well on my way. Thank you, Alexander.”
– Zaid Arafat ~ CEO/Founder of Luxury Seats

“I recently hosted a benefit with more than 200 people. At the event, Alexander provided his magical card readings. Most people were expecting news about their future from a psychic or Tarot reader, but his readings are very different. Alexander offers information about yourself, your strengths, life purpose and how to play your cards right. He received such rave reviews that I decided to book myself a session. I highly recommend working with Alexander if you need clarity, direction or inspiration.”
– Catherine Rode, Director of The Brownstone Group

” When I came to Alexander I was dreading getting up each morning, frustrated and uninspired… Alexander showed me things about myself that I already knew but had never given serious consideration. His insights and guidance dislodged what had been blocking me, and within two months my business went right into the stratosphere!  And, I’m now waking up at 4:30 AM because I can’t wait to get to work!”
— Alix Astir, Owner of Trellis Fine Florals

“I learned things I didn’t know I needed to learn! I’ve worked with many different teachers, but Alexander’s approach was different….logical…matter of fact…clear. Our work together gave me permission to truly be me. I was able to step into a life that I’m meant to be living without feelings of guilt or shame. It was through our work together that I moved to a city I adore, met the love of my life and created a happiness radio show! Thank you Alexander, really….THANK YOU.”
— Anna Kauppila, Founder & Owner of YouGlowNow

Working with Alexander has been a profound personal learning experience. I must admit to initially being wary. I didn’t want to be told my future as in other readings I’ve done. However, what I found from Alexander’s method was a way to understand my highest essence.  Alexander’s readings confirmed my strengths and helped me identify patterns that bring me out of my strength. It allowed me to trust myself greater and realign to my purpose and calling, both professionally and personally.
— David Schommer, Founder & President of Yoga Organix

Working with Alexander was such a life affirming experience. He provided me with crystal clear insight into my strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth in this lifetime. His depth of intelligence and open heart make him such a joy to work with. I HIGHLY recommend him to all of you that are ready to continue your journey through life with a foundation of health, happiness and self-knowledge.
— Jerry Nessis, Actor / Producer

Alexander’s coaching has provided me with unexpected insight into my own drives, quirks, and tendencies. He has helped me leverage–rather than fight–those maddening differences in others. After four months of coaching, I’ve shed 12 lbs., expanded my business by 30%, and found romance in the most surprising way. And he’s helped me do it all with delight, ease, and utter liberation.
— Jean Tang, CEO of MarketSmiths

I went home and I was weeping tears of joy as I shared with my boyfriend what I learned. Everything you revealed for me was painfully and beautifully true.  With your guidance, I am now making much better choices in my life, taking good care of myself for once! And now, whenever I need a reminder, I just close my eyes and I see my Cards laid out for me and it fills me with such joy! Thank you Alexander!
— Chellise Michael, Owner of Chellise Michael Photography.

No other coaching, programs or therapies offer the level of guidance, support, and clarity that Alexander provides. His insights and infinite wisdom set a big vision and clear path for anyone seeking truth about their life. With patience and light humor, I felt completely taken care of while having the most important conversations of my life. Alexander’s gift is helping me realize my own.
— Anura Desai, Founder & Director of Desai Health and Wellness

It has been a true life-changing experience. I got not only the confidence to achieve all that I am aiming to achieve, but the tools necessary to do so. I can confidently say that Alexander is the one ‘guide’ I have met in my life who has helped transform me into a more powerful, complete, joyful person. He defines what is a “Gift” to those he touches.
— Kristine Szabo, Model & Entrepeneur

Alexander gave me more knowledge about myself in one session than I got in a whole year of therapy… there I was grinding it out week-by-week to get little morsels of insights from my therapist, and Alexander nailed it for me spot on… I consider myself a fast-track guy. I want the most effective, efficient means to accomplish a goal. And I feel like there’s nothing better than working with Alexander if you want to evolve yourself into the best person you can be.
— Elijah Sacra, US Marine CORPS Veteran, Founder & CEO of SFHW

My work with Alexander was amazing! He illuminated a clear path for me. I highly recommend working with him if you want clarity around your direction and next steps… Alexander is very loving and it is so apparent how much he strives to share that love with his clients.
— Nishani Moodley, Founder & CEO of Fierce, Fabulous & Free

My work with Alexander gave me greater confidence to forge ahead with my business.
— Jared Koch, Founder & CEO of Clean Plates


This is one of the best investments you can make in understanding yourself and the direction of your life. One session with Alexander and you’ll understand why he’s so good! Not only is he knowledgeable, he delivers it all with love and patience.
— Liz Long, CoFounder & COO of Bag the Habit

Alexander opened a pathway for me to walk into the future I choose without fear. He empowered me with the knowledge of who I am and what I am here to do. His readings gave me the courage to embrace life and guide me in the right direction,  so I may live it to the fullest.
— Mia White, Founder & President of RawMamia

I have spent a lot of time discovering healthy food and lifestyle choices that work for me.  But, something was missing.  I wanted guidance to find a spiritual practice genuine to me. Alexander has created a welcoming, realistic experience to love and connect with myself. He has supported me to improve my sleep, happiness, and better understand myself. But, of the many things we have worked on, the most powerful is his ability to support me to notice my patterns. Now that I have this awareness, I can much more clearly see when I am falling into tendencies that do not serve me.  This awareness has created positive changes in my health and happiness for a lifetime.  I truly look forward to every call I have with Alexander.  I am always astounded by the insight and growth I feel after speaking with him.  With tremendous gratitude and love, thank you, Alexander.
— Holly Harmon, Founder of Holly Harmon Health

Alexander, you have no idea what the little mantra you gave me has unleashed! I’ll be forever grateful.
— Melody Kiersz, Founder of Naked Wellness

Alexander has been a real blessing in my life. He has opened up the missing link to my success of overall well being. I was astonished at how detailed his work was when reading my cards and how supportive and on track the messages were.
— Michelle Abraminko, Personal Fitness Trainer

Alexander is truly an Angel, powerful and gentle at the same time.
— Alegria Hayes, Founder & CEO of Awaken Organics


My eyes were closed, but when Alexander placed the crystal on my forehead, it felt like the whole room lit up in a bright warm light.
— Dean Yang, Tenured Professor of Economics, University of Michigan


I had done a series of 10 Reiki sessions a few years ago, and they changed my life. But just one session with Alexander was more powerful than all 10 of those sessions combined.
— Rey Allen, Certified Rolfer


I met Alexander and quickly became drawn to his fierce yet loving spirit. Over the months, he has become a trusted guide, able to shed insight and clarity on feelings that I have been unable to fit into words. His authentic approach has been a very useful tool in my life. He has helped me move out of my safe zone which has given me the courage to continue to test my limits in both career and relationships. I am so grateful that I have access to Alexanders gifts!
— Clarissa A. Kussin, Founder & Owner of Full Lotus Juice Bar

I’ve been on a spiritual path always seeking guidance for deeper awareness. With Alexander I was able to get guidance and clarity in a way I had never experienced before. He made me feel safe.
— Antonella Palazio, Freelance Media Specialist

Alexander, I can’t begin to tell you how truly at peace I feel after my sessions with you. Thank you.
— Mary Rosa, Accountant

Alexander, many thanks for your guidance and support during a difficult period of transformation. The combination of energy work & learning how to establish a meditation practice have had a profound and lasting effect on my overall feeling of well being. The card readings are incredibly accurate and serve as a welcome reminder about the importance of learning how to listen closely & trust yourself.
— Mei-Ling Wong, Freelance Producer

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