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The Activation Sequence

Get The Activation Code For Your Life

The most important knowledge you will ever have is the code to program your own success.

A 4-part Tele-Class Starting in January 2013.

My intention for the class is that each and every one of you is unleashed into a whole new world of what’s possible and that you are activated to create that new world for yourself…

So you can be the big game players that you are!  Get your game on!


Scientific Background

In 1954, scientists first measured the standing electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s atmosphere.  These are the resonant vibrations of the Earth now called the Schumann Resonance.  This resonance is akin to the tuning fork of life on Earth.  It has been called the heartbeat of the Earth.

Scientists note that these electromagnetic wave rate patterns of the Earth are very similar to the Alpha state brainwaves patterns in human beings… or the resonant vibration of our brain in an awake, relaxed state.  In other words, we vibrate in harmony with our Earth.  No big surprise here, if you think about it.  But, have you ever thought about it?

We now know that the Schumann Resonance has been rising since it was first discovered, increasing rapidly in recent years.  When it was first measured it was 7.83 Hz.  It is now measured at close to 12 Hz.  So, the heartbeat of our Earth has been speeding up.  The pace-maker of our lives is increasing.

But, we don’t need scientists to tell us that.  We can all attest to the increased feeling of speed in our lives, not just in technological innovation, but in our personal experience as well.


A Historical Perspective

Let’s take a historical look for some perspective.  What would it have taken, for example, to be in tune with life in Feudal, pre-modern Europe?  Life moved at a much, much slower pace.  Mail was delivered in weeks not seconds.

To activate success then, you would have needed some land, preferably a title like Lord or Lady, some serfs to work for you, a willingness to live without tooth-brushes or toilet paper, and the consent of the king.

In early 20th century capitalism, what were the activation codes to ensure success then?  You would have needed driving ambition, an ability to exploit your workers, a willingness to crush your competition, no scruples, an ability to live with contagious disease, and the belief that the ends-justify the means.

And, then there was late 20th century capitalism, which was different than it’s earlier predecessor. Labor laws and social security measures were in place.  Technological innovation was catching fire.  A global economy took shape.  The internet was born.

Now, in the 21st century, we have already started to enter another new reality.  The Earth is vibrating in a different frequency than the 1980s and 1990s.  The pace of life is much different.  So, what are the activation codes to ensure success now?


A New Earth

We have already begun to shift our collective awareness around our health and well-being.  And, we have already begun to shift our form of economy.

We are now moving into what some have called the Empathy Economy.  I call it the Connected Economy.  And, there are new success factors in this new economy, in this new way of life.

Some theoretical physicists speculate that the increased speed of the Earth’s standing waves correlates with increased Solar activity.  They also speculate that the increased Solar activity may activate dormant strands of our DNA, the so-called “junk DNA” that accounts for over 90% of our DNA.

If it’s true that our dormant DNA may be activated, then we will have new capacities and abilities, like when we first developed a neo-cortex and the ability for abstract reasoning.

It may well be that we are on the verge of a Quantum Leap of human consciousness.

It might be that all is speeding up in order to catapult us into a new reality.  It’s like when we first realized that the Earth isn’t flat or that the Earth isn’t the center of the universe.  Perhaps now we are waking up to another whole new reality of the Earth.


The Knowledge You Need To Succeed

In this Tele-Class, I am going to present to you what I know about how to shift our consciousness to align with the resonant harmony of our Earth.

I am not a scientist and I am not presenting scientific findings.  I am presenting only the implications.  I am going to explain the most important practical applications for our lives.

Based on what I know, I will present the activation code for success now. This is what I’ve received.  And, I would like to share it with you.


A 4-Part Tele-Class Event:  The Activation Sequence

When you register, you will receive a phone number as your call-in number.  You will receive a Pin number to use as well.  The phone number and Pin number are your access to a conference call.  You will be able to ask questions on the call as if you were in a virtual classroom.

Classes are recorded.  You can listen any time you want.  Remember college, how you used to sleep in hung-over, miss your class and then watch the recording at the library.  It’s almost like that.  Except if you miss these classes its probably because you’re actually working hard.

Accompanying each class will be a PowerPoint presentation that will be emailed to you.  The PowerPoint presentation will function like a digital course-book.


January 7th 8:15 PM EST ~ 50 minute call

FREE Introductory Class:  What is Activation and What Blocks it

The Introductory Class (like all classes) is recorded.  You can listen any time you like.  In this Free Introductory Call, we will discuss

  • What Activation is and what it looks like.
  • How you can Activate yourself.
  • The biggest addiction we have in life that blocks all our growth and success.
  • The conspiracy for mediocrity in our culture.
  • Why you reach your goals and why you fail.
  • The Activation Code for your life.

If you want to register just for this Introductory Call, you may do so.  Please contact my assistant directly at antonia@spiritualnutrition.org.  She will register you and provide you with call-in details for this call only.


The 4 Classes

To register, please contact my assistant directly at antonia@spiritualnutrition.org.  Once you have registered, and we have your payment, you will receive your course materials together with the call-in details for the whole class.

January 14th 8:15 PM EST ~ 50 minute class

Class 1.  Activate Your Success: The Most Important Choice You Will Ever Make  
Life exists in an infinite variety of possibility.  As we know from Quantum Physics, all possibilities of reality exist as potential waiting to be awakened.  Out of the infinite possible realities that we could experience, the one that we do experience depends on our choice.

In this class, we will discuss the most important choice we will ever make, what it is, and how you can better make that choice.  You will receive specific tools to empower you to make this choice in your life.

January 21st 8:15 PM EST ~ 50 minute class

Class 2.  Activate Your Success:  The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do
You may be very surprised to learn what this is.  It’s the most fundamental link in the chain of our success.  If you learn how to do this right, you can succeed at anything.  In fact, it is perhaps the greatest differentiator between those who succeed and those who fail.

Many scientific studies have been devoted to measuring and calculating the impact of this in everyday people and athletes.  We will discuss what it is and the implications for our lives.  You will get specific tools to do this correctly and effectively.

January 28th 8:15 PM EST ~ 50 minute class

Class 3:  The Most Important Decision You Must Make to Activate Your Success.
Do you second-guess yourself?  Do you make decisions and then doubt yourself?  Do you find that you are paralyzed by inaction, circling over and over your choices?  In Class 1, we discuss the most important choice you make in life.  Now, we will discuss the most important decision you must make about the choices of your life.

We will discuss the most important decision you must make to activate your success.  You will receive specific tools to empower you to make this decision for yourself.

February 4th 8:15 PM EST ~ 50 minute class

Class 4:  The Most Important Action You Must Take to Activate Your Success.
Again, this is so fundamental that you have probably overlooked it.  We get into habit patterns of behavior that go unquestioned.  We don’t stop to look at what we are doing and why.  We don’t see the impact of the actions we take.  As opposed to what we do fundamentally in our life, that we learn in the 2nd Class, this Class discusses a specific set of actions we must take.

In this final class, we will look at what is the most important action you must take to activate success. You will receive specific guidance about how to take this action in your life.


In 2013, it’s time for your New Year’s resolutions to stick.  Learn how to actually change your life.  It’s a whole new world, baby.  Get your successful groove on!


Your Tuition Investment

The tuition for this course is unbelievable low.  It’s almost ridiculously low. To enroll in this tele-class series is only $79 made in payments of three installments.  Or, if you want to pay the tuition in full, your investment is only $197 for the whole course.

I’m keeping the tuition low because I want everyone to have this in-formation.  I want to help you create the life you really want.  I want you to get activated to thrive in the new vibrations of life that are emerging on this planet.

Reserve your spot in this course right away.  This class will fill up.


Option #1:  Pay in Installments

Tuition for Activation Class
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$79.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 2)$79.00 USD
Total $237.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for


Option #2: Pay in Full


When you sign-up and we receive your payment, you will be given the call-in details.  And you will receive your class packet of materials.


Invite A Friend For FREE

If you want to join this class and you know someone who you would like to share this class with, bring them!  For a limited time, you can invite a friend or family member to share the class with you absolutely FREE.

I want everyone to have this life-changing knowledge.  And if you know someone special who you would like to help Activate to their Success, then please invite them to join us.  As your guest, they can join the class for FREE.

Let’s get activated people!  It’s time to get our game on, collectively, to make the new world we want to see for all of us.


Money-Back Guarantee

If you are hesitant or skeptical, I completely understand.  I would be too.  There are plenty of charlatans around posing as helpers.

Here’s what I will do.  If you realize after the Introductory Class and the 1st Class that this material is not what you anticipated or you don’t like it for any reason, just ask me for your money back and I will give it to you immediately, no questions asked.

In other words, you can register for this course risk-free, check it out and see if it’s legit.  If it doesn’t boost your rockets, then just ask me for your money back.

NOTE: You must request your money back before the airing of the 2nd Class.  You have until 12 Noon EST on January 21st to request your money back.  If you request your money back before 12 Noon on January 21st, you got it.  No questions asked.

moneyback guarantee

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