" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Open Your Life

Open Up The Full Meaning Of Your Life


The Opening Deal

… because you’ve been searching for an opening.

You know the answers must be out there. And, you’re not giving up until you find them.

And, like me, you won’t settle for less than an answer that rings completely true.

Like me, you want complete integrity in your answers. You don’t want to accept a watered-down version of half-truths.

You don’t want to compromise reason in order to have faith.

A spiritual answer that doesn’t jive with reason is no answer at all.

I know. I’ve been on that journey.

And then, I found the answer I was looking for… in the deck of playing cards.. of all places.

I invite you to check it out for yourself. See if it gives you the answer you’re looking for too.

* An answer that helps you let go of stress, anxiety and self-judgement to find self-acceptance, self-validation and self-motivation.

* An answer that evaporates confusion like a morning mist.

* An answer that means you don’t lose precious time and energy worrying about the direction of your life.

* An answer that gives you the clarity to stop the bad decision-making.

So you can stop picking the wrong romantic partner, the wrong business partner, the wrong career, and the wrong set of expectations about life altogether…

Instead, I invite you to install the GPS Navigation system for your life so you can relax and enjoy the journey knowing you’ll arrive at your destined success right on time.

It’s all about getting aligned to the truth of your life, so you have the peace of mind to know you’re on the right path in life.

Don’t wait any longer.

I searched everywhere. You don’t have to.

I want to share with you the answer I found in the ordinary deck of playing cards.

I’ve put together something I call The Opening Deal.

It just might open up the meaning of your life.


What People Are Saying

“Reading the Opening Deal was Earth-shaking… it was a thunderbolt of clarity.”  ~ Taylor G.

“I’ve heard that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out Why. After reading this report, I feel like I’ve finally found out Why.”  ~ Jacob L.

“The Opening Deal has taken my self-understanding to a whole new level. And, this after years of personal work, therapy and coaching.” ~ Amanda B.

“My Opening Deal helped me see through a mirror to the other side. I always wondered why things were the way they are in my life. And, then I saw why.” ~ Chris S.

“The Opening Deal is more accurate and comprehensive than all the other readings and charts I’ve ever done.”  Svetlona Y

“The insights in this report are absolutely astounding. It’s astonishing how accurately it describes me. Wow.” ~ Lauren P.

“It was shockingly accurate. The Opening Deal showed me things about myself I didn’t really want to see. But, now that I see them, I’m grateful.” ~ Stephen M.

“It was so accurate I nearly fell over. It’s a strange thing having a written report from someone you don’t know tell you things about yourself that you always knew to be true, but were ignoring… It helped me to figure things out about myself.” ~ Rory C.

“Thank you.  I just feel, well, more grounded and at peace.  I now wake-up each day knowing who I am and why I’m here.”  ~ Hae-Jung C.

“My boyfriend and I each framed ours and hung them on the wall in our bedroom.”  ~Lizanne P


Play Your Life Like It’s Your Favorite Game

If you want to live the best life possible, the life you came here for, then I suggest you find out what’s written for you in The Book of Life.

The deck of playing cards is none other than The Book of Life hidden in plain sight all this time.

To help you read what’s written for you there, I’ve put together a content-packed report and video series called The Opening Deal. It reveals the primary patterning of your life so you can see your life clearly.

The written report is about 20 – 25 pages long. And, it comes with 4 companion videos. The report explains in detail

  • Your primary purpose in life
  • Your primary strengths and weaknesses
  • The pitfalls you must avoid in life
  • The clear direction of your success

Each of the four videos gives primary insights, the same explanations and tips I give to all my new clients.  Each video covers a related topic to help you start playing your cards right.

  • Training Video 1:  Living a magical life
  • Training Video 2:  Shining your light
  • Training Video 3:  Winning the game of your life
  • Training Video 4:  Beyond The Opening Deal.

I invite you to open yourself up to the possibility of the life you really want. Start winning the game of your life.

* The Opening Deal is so accurate and helpful that a number of professional therapists are recommending it for their patients and using it as a tool for therapy.  One therapist told me that she learned more about her patient from The Opening Deal than she did in an entire previous year of weekly therapy.

“I learned more about my patient from her Opening Deal than I did in an entire previous year of weekly therapy with her!” ~ Barbara M. LCSW


The Opening Deal Is For You, If…

  • You’re hungry for truth
  • You want to know what makes you tick
  • You want to understand the patterns of your life
  • You want to pull back the curtain to see the hidden mystery of life
  • You’re ready to face uncomfortable truths about yourself
  • You want to grow
  • You want to unlock your financial potential
  • You want to make your life the best life it can be
  • You’re ready, willing and able to open your mind
  • You’re willing to receive honest, constructive criticism
  • You want juicy, rewarding relationships
  • You want to do the real work of your life
  • You want to live the true purpose of your life


The Opening Deal Is NOT For You, If…

  • You’re unwilling to face your shadows
  • The mysteries of life scare you
  • There are some things you’d just rather not know
  • Personal vulnerability is not your thing
  • You think you already have all the answers


So, Are You Ready?

… to open yourself to the life you really want?

I’m offering you an open doorway. You can walk through it if you choose.

My intention in preparing The Opening Deal is to offer you an opportunity to

  • Live your true purpose with joy
  • Find satisfaction and abundance in your work
  • Have relationships that nurture and support you
  • Be the person you truly want to be.

And, just so you know, many people report that they learn more about themselves from The Opening Deal than they did in years of therapy or coaching.

So, when you order The Opening Deal for only $47, it might be worth more to you than years of therapy and coaching.

And, just in case it doesn’t really open a pathway for you to find the answers you’re looking for, I’d like to offer you a money-back guarantee.

If The Opening Deal doesn’t open your mind to a whole new level of self-awareness, then just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

What do you have to lose?

Except, well, a lot of confusion, self-judgement, pain and suffering.  The irony, however, is that many people are quite attached to their pain and suffering.

I invite you to let go of all that and open yourself to the possibility of clarity, meaning and purpose.


Get Started Right Now

Learn how to live your life like it’s your favorite game to play.

Here’s what you’ll get in your copy of The Opening Deal.

  • A complete explanation and analysis of the primary patterns of your life.
  • A set of four training videos that gives fundamental insights, tips and explanations.
  • Game-winning strategies to start mastering the game of your life.
  • Detailed, written analysis of about 20 – 25 pages. (It depends on each person).

All for only $47.

And, if The Opening Deal doesn’t open your eyes to see yourself more clearly, then please just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

It’s your Opening Deal. It’s your life. I can lead you to the doorway, but I can’t walk through it for you.

My invitation for you is to step into the true purpose of your life.


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