" Like a flower needs Sunlight and Water, we all need Spiritual Nutrition." ~ Alexander Dunlop

Welcome to Spiritual Nutrition

Welcome to the website that is devoted to Spiritual Nutrition.

Spiritual Nutrition is something that we all need as human beings.  Spiritual Nutrition is what religions used to offer us.  But if religions are no longer speaking life to us, does that mean we no longer have need for Spiritual Nutrition?

Religious stories are a snapshot of time. Think of religious stories as a photograph of what is relevant in that moment of life.  Religions are photographs of what Life is doing in that moment.  And these snapshots may be very powerful.  A picture can say a thousand words, so we say.

But Life moves. Life is alive. Life expresses itself newly every moment. So, if we are looking at a snapshot of Life from a long time ago, it’s no wonder that we see that snapshot as old and outdated.  It would be like looking at photographs taken in the 19th century and believing that those first photographs were the official photographs of Life and no other photographs could ever supersede them.

Religions are stories of Life that encode for us how to have the happiest life, the best life, the most life that Life can be. But, again, these stories are snapshots of time.  And Life moves on. What new snapshots of Life can we take now that will show us again how to have the happiest life, the best life, the most life that Life can be?

My goal is to provide a new snapshot of Life, one that will enlifen all of us, one that will show us how to have the most life that Life can be. This website and my entire practice is devoted to offering a new snapshot of Life, one that provides real Spiritual Nutrition for us in our current life context.

The journey begins right now. I hope you will join in and share your voice, your insights and your life.  Together we can create a new image of life for ourselves.  Consciously, collectively, we can create a new way to receive the nourishment we need emotionally, mentally and physically.  Then, we will be receiving the Spiritual Nutrition we need as human beings.

with love,

Alexander Dunlop

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