Inpatient rehab Arizona

The rehabilitation programs today are very different than those in the past. Nowadays, the treatment is molded onto the patient’s needs and the more we understand these needs, the more diverse, flexible and innovative the treatment becomes. Following this guideline, we, at Scottsdale Recovery, have developed some of the most comprehensive drug rehabilitation programs there are.

Inpatient rehab in Arizona is one of them, and it is the one treating method that relies on a higher degree of control over the addict, compared to the outpatient program. Here, the patient can’t go home daily, after the rehab schedule has completed for that day. Inpatient rehab refers to intensive 24/7 care, aiming to provide a more immersive environment, where the patient can be kept under strict surveillance.

Inpatient care is beneficial especially in the worse cases of addiction, where the patient’s life is put in jeopardy by the withdrawal side-effects.

Expert care for a ruthless condition

Narcotic cravings are the hardest to control, both in the initial phase of the rehabilitation program and later on in life, when the burden to keep its deceiving appeal in check will fall onto the individual. But what makes narcotics so dangerous that, in many cases, intensive care is needed? In essence, it all comes down to several aspects:

1. The immediate and future damages

Physically and psychologically, the drug addict will sustain a lot of side-effects which, in time, will keep growing in severity, more-often-than-not attracting other health conditions in the process. This aspect is what makes programs like inpatient rehab in Arizona not only a must but a highly solicited service as well. Symptoms and affections like anxiety, depression, the risk for heart attack, seizures, stroke, liver and brain damages and so on, require close, intensive care for the rehabilitation program to be called a success, at least in the initial phases.

 2. Withdrawal and relapse

Withdrawal is a normal behavior of the brain when it lacks the necessary stimulants. In this case – the drugs. Since the brain has developed a tolerance to the narcotic, it no longer can produce dopamine, which means that the patient will continuously feel anxious, irritated, agitate and nervous and can even develop aggressive tendencies depression. The only way to control this behavior is to get another dose of the drug, causing a never-ending vicious circle. And, because of how withdrawal functions, whenever the addict will try to quit, relapse will occur (resuming the addictive behavior).

 3. The social side-effects

Because of the psychological changes the addict goes through, the relationship with the loved ones, with the friends and all those around him will start to deteriorate. In many cases, these relations will never be the same again, showing how dangerous substance addiction is on long-term.

In this context, the only way to prevent drug addiction from destroying one’s life is to resort to inpatient rehab in Arizona. The type of controlled environment offered by institutions like Scottsdale Recovery is the only chance most addicts get at coming clean and starting life anew.

Inpatient rehab Arizona

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Inpatient rehab Arizona

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