Kenosha dentist

Kenosha dentist

Many people in the U.S. are afraid of dentist visits, probably because of their misconception about dental care. The fear of dentists makes people wait it out whenever they experience dental problems hoping they will resolve on their own. Whether you are afraid of dentist visits or do not want to spend the money, postponing dental treatment may lead to more painful and expensive procedures. Therefore, be on the lookout for signs you need to see the best Kenosha dentists.

Broken Tooth

Consider seeing dental clinics in Kenosha, WI, if you have a broken tooth and experience pain. In most cases, a broken or knocked-out tooth may cause extreme pain. A visit to dental providers in Kenosha may not only help to relieve the pain, but it may also help you save the tooth. In case your whole tooth gets knocked out, place it in a milk cup and take it to your dentist for emergency dental care. Storing the knocked-out tooth in a milk cup increases the chances of successful preservation and re-insertion of the tooth.


Visit Kenosha dental clinics if you experience unexplained toothaches. A severe and persistent toothache could be a sign of gum disease or infection, which should be a cause of concern. Minor toothaches may be treated with home solutions. However, severe and persistent toothaches are signs you need emergency dental care.

Many factors, including abscessed tooth, may cause an extreme toothache. A common sign of an abscessed tooth is a bump near the tooth. Other signs of this condition include swelling of the mouth or face, fever, and tooth sensitivity. Consider seeing a dentist in case you have any of these symptoms.

Bleeding Gums

Your gums may bleed a little after brushing or flossing or if you have gum disease. However, consider visiting a dentist if your gums bleed excessively and continuously. Bleeding gums coupled with pain or swelling should be a sign you need to see a dentist. A common cause of bleeding gums is periodontal disease.

Swollen Mouth or Jaws

Swollen mouth or jaws could be caused by many factors, including infection, cancer, or swollen lymph nodes. They could also be caused by gum diseases. Consider seeing a dentist to determine the cause of your swollen mouth or jaws because it may be difficult for you to know the cause of the swelling on your own.

Metallic Taste in Your Mouth

Schedule an appointment with your dentist if your mouth tastes like pennies. A metal-like taste in your mouth could be a sign of a loose crown or fillings. Open fillings could cause infection, so it is essential to visit a dentist to provide treatment. Left untreated, the open filling may develop an infection, which may necessitate the need for a root canal to fix the problem. On the same breath, see a dentist if you experience foul breath, especially if you have never experienced the problem before. Diet changes, gum disease, and acid reflux may cause foul breath.

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Kenosha dentist

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Kenosha dentist

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