Natural Health Technologies

Natural Health Technologies

How Important is Natural Health Technologies?

The advances in health care and medicine in the past 100 years are nothing short of miraculous. One example is the treatment of cataracts. In the 1950s a person might have to spend several weeks in bed with the head immobilized and be doomed to wear thick “Coke bottle” glasses for life. Today the process is done in a few hours with laser surgery, the insertion of an artificial lens and a few days of minor discomfort. In some cases, the eyesight is restored to nearly perfect 20/20 vision.

Conventional medical treatments do not always work, so the person who suffers from an ailment can choose to seek alternate cures because the development of natural health technologies has given people that other choice. So, if you are tired of doctors who seem to treat every condition by writing prescriptions, then your best choice may be the products offered by Health Products 2 located in Port Ludlow in the State of Washington.

What is Health Products 2?

Health Products 2 is an online seller of items that compete with the traditional medical “industry” to help people cure diseases, regain health and stay healthy. The company itself cannot give out medical advice because there are no medical professionals on staff. They do, however, strive to make people aware of the non-traditional products and give them access to the products through online sales.

What is an example of a product sold by Health Products 2?

One of the categories of products is the Beck Machine that uses Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) healing technologies. In 1990 it was discovered that a small electric current administered to viruses would disable them. The small “jolt” has also proven effective against certain fungi and bacteria. The Beck Machine with its accessories can treat ailments like sleep apnea and migraines to more serious conditions like breast cancer.

Why Haven’t I heard of These Products?

Conventional medical care goes something like this: You become ill and make an appointment with your doctor. The first thing the receptionist asks when you enter the doctor’s office is if you have insurance. When you finally see the doctor, you will undergo a quick checkup and either be referred to a specialist, given a prescription or perhaps both. Health Products 2 is a threat to this three-way game played by the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, and the established medical community. They are more interested in profitable treatment instead of a cure for many conditions and will fight to keep knowledge of these new technologies from spreading.

Does Health Products 2 offer dietary supplements?

The answer is Yes! Health Products 2 offers a line of herb and herbal supplements like Glucosamine and Chondroitin in 1000 mg tablets or a Liver Support tea to improve liver function and many others.

With any non-traditional treatments, you should first consult with a healthcare professional before you try it. Your doctor may profit from selling pills and scheduling multiple office visits but is sworn to put your health first. With your doctor’s go ahead you can reach Health Products 2 by calling 206-708-6408 or by email to to learn about these new natural health technologies.



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