Park Ridge NJ Chiropractor

Park Ridge NJ Chiropractor

Dr. Andrew O’Neill is a leading Park Ridge NJ Chiropractor with several years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews. Optimal Health Family Chiropractic is a highly sought-after pain management clinic for neck and backache and headaches. We also offer adjustments to athletes and post-op patients to help them attain a speedy recovery after an injury or surgery. Some of the fundamental advantages of chiropractic and pain management services:

  1. Relief From Sciatica

If you’re experiencing lower back pain or sciatic pains, seeing a chiropractor can benefit you in the long term. People experience sciatic pain when their sciatic nerve is under pressure. The sciatic nerve passes from your lower back through the hips, buttocks, legs, and feet. Sciatic pain appears after a slip and fall injury, lifting a heavy object, or wear and tear caused by repetitive movements.

Chiropractic adjustments can reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. Some people may need regular adjustments to manage their sciatic pains in the long term. Spinal manipulation can help you lead an active and pain-free life in the long run.

  1. Neck And Back Pain

Most people go to chiropractic clinics in Ridgewood for pain relief. Neck and back pain treatment is non-invasive, safe, and crucial for overall health. Not to mention, chiropractic care is less risky than surgery, injections, and other treatments. Relying on opioid pain medication to manage pain is also suboptimal since it can lead to side effects in the long term.

Chiropractic alignment in Ridgewood can release tension in your neck and back muscles, align the vertebrae, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. 

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy will put pressure on the spine and the joints. Women can experience pain and discomfort as their belly grows big. A chiropractor can help you experience a healthy and pain-free pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help women sleep better at night, relieve stress, and improve posture.

  1. Headache Relief

Some people find chiropractic care highly effective in managing headaches and migraine episodes. Some researchers in Australia studied the possibility of relieving migraines and musculoskeletal headaches using chiropractic treatment and found that pain relief is possible with cervical spinal manipulation.

Sometimes, the neck, back, and spinal misalignment can lead to headaches. Seeking chiropractic care in Ridgewood can reduce the effects, headache frequency, muscle tension, and low back pain and improve blood flow.

  1. Athletic Performance

Professional sportsmen and athletic women can improve their performance in-game with regular chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. Chiropractic adjustment promotes recovery after a game, alleviates muscle tension, and reduces the risk of injury. A chiropractor can help mitigate ligament strain, remove and correct subluxation issues, and reduce inflammation and pain from injuries.

Whatever sport you play, it takes its toll. After treatment, you can return to enjoy the game you play. A chiropractor will help your body recover and help you get back on the field rejuvenated and revitalized.

Contact 201-505-8984 to learn more about our Park Ridge, NJ, Chiropractor. Optimal Health Family Chiropractic is one of the best local chiropractic clinics with proven therapies, futuristic technology, and the best chiropractors. We can help you reduce your reliance on prescription painkillers and enjoy everyday activities, so get in touch with us today.

Park Ridge NJ Chiropractor

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Park Ridge NJ Chiropractor

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